Biobricks is a trademark term for man-made DNA sequences encoding elementary modules that may be combined to produce more complex synthetic biological systems. The long-term goal of the Biobricks Foundation is to offer an open-source library of standardized genetic components.

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    Assembling multiple biological components into synthetic lipid vesicles is a limiting step in the manufacture of biomimetic cell-like structures. Here the authors use fusogenic proteoliposomes of opposite charge for fast assembly of a minimal electron transport chain consisting of F1F0 ATP-synthase and the proton pump bo3-oxidase.

    • Robert R. Ishmukhametov
    • , Aidan N. Russell
    •  & Richard M. Berry
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    In this Timeline article, Collins and colleagues chart the history of synthetic biology since its inception just over a decade ago, with a focus on both the cultural and scientific progress that has been made as well as on key breakthroughs and areas for future development.

    • D. Ewen Cameron
    • , Caleb J. Bashor
    •  & James J. Collins

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