NESCent Collection

The NESCent Collection brings together Data Descriptors arising from research supported by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center ( NESCent).



2nd September 2014
Open data for evolutionary synthesis: an introduction to the NESCent collection
Todd J. Vision & Karen Cranston

Data Descriptors

10th May 2016
MycoDB, a global database of plant response to mycorrhizal fungi
V. Bala Chaudhary et al.

1st March 2016
Female and male life tables for seven wild primate species
Anne M. Bronikowski et al.

26th May 2015
An archive of longitudinal recordings of the vocalizations of adult Gombe chimpanzees
Frans X. Plooij, Hetty van de Rijt-Plooij, Martha Fischer, Michael L. Wilson & Anne Pusey

12th May 2015
Long-term observation of amphibian populations inhabiting urban and forested areas in Yekaterinburg, Russia
Vladimir L. Vershinin, Svetlana D. Vershinina, Dmitry L. Berzin, Darya V. Zmeeva & Alexander V. Kinev

2nd September 2014
Artificial selection on anther exsertion in wild radish, Raphanus raphanistrum
Jeffrey K. Conner, Cynthia J. Mills, Vanessa A. Koelling & Keith Karoly

19th August 2014
Longitudinal recordings of the vocalizations of immature Gombe chimpanzees for developmental studies
Frans X. Plooij, Hetty van de Rijt-Plooij, Martha Fischer & Anne Pusey

22nd July 2014
Life history profiles for 27 strepsirrhine primate taxa generated using captive data from the Duke Lemur Center
Sarah M. Zehr et al.

24th June 2014
Tree of Sex: A database of sexual systems
The Tree of Sex Consortium