Editors, Advisory Panel & Editorial Board


The Editors and Advisory Panel of Scientific Data guide the development, policies, standards and editorial scope of Scientific Data, while our diverse Editorial Board of active researchers oversee peer review of each submitted manuscript.

About the editors

Susanna-Assunta Sansone

Honorary Academic Editor

Susanna focuses on the strategic development of Scientific Data, particularly by fostering relationships with the scientific community and helping to define standards for data reuse. She did her PhD at Imperial College London, and then spent a few years at a private vaccine company before moving into data management and biocuration at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), in Cambridge. In 2010, Susanna joined the University of Oxford e-Research Centre, where she is an Associate Director and Principal Investigator. Her team works on methods and software for curating, sharing and enabling reproducible research. She also works with funding agencies and informatics initiatives to promote community-developed ontologies and standards, and is on the board of several community standardization efforts and open science advocacy initiatives. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/sasansone

Andrew L Hufton

Managing Editor

Andrew is responsible for the editorial policies of Scientific Data, in consultation with the Honorary Editor and Advisory Panel, and works with the Editorial Board to ensure a fair and thorough peer-review process for all submissions. Andrew received his PhD from Stanford University in 2006, and did postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin. His research included topics in developmental genetics, computational biology and genome evolution. Before joining Scientific Data, Andrew worked as an Editor at Molecular Systems Biology.

Varsha Khodiyar

Data Curation Editor

Varsha is responsible for creating the ISA-tab metadata files associated with articles published by Scientific Data, which facilitate the integration of articles and underlying datasets. In collaboration with the Editorial Board and relevant members of the scientific community, Varsha works to ensure that the most appropriate metadata is being captured for the published data from each community. Varsha began her career in curation after receiving her PhD from the University of Leicester. Based at University College London, she initially worked for the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee, which was followed by an 8 year stint as a Gene Ontology annotator. Prior to joining Scientific Data, Varsha worked on open data publication at the life science journal F1000Research.

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Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel comprises senior scientists from academia and industry along with representatives from the data repository, librarian, biocurator and funder communities. This broad representation and deep expertise help ensure that Scientific Data meets and reacts to the varying needs of these communities.

Judith A. Blake
The Jackson Laboratory, USA
Chris Bowler
IBENS, France
Piero Carninci

Center for Life Science Technologies, RIKEN, Japan

David Carr
Wellcome Trust, UK
Stephen Chanock
National Cancer Institute, USA
Patricia Cruse
Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen
CERN, Switzerland
Joseph R. Ecker
Howard Hughes Medical Institute & Salk Institute, USA
Mark Forster
Syngenta, UK
Stephen Friend
Sage Bionetworks, USA
Pascale Gaudet
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
Anne-Claude Gavin
EMBL, Germany
Susan Gregurick
National Institutes of Health, USA
Albert J. R. Heck
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Tony Hey
Microsoft Research Connections, USA
Wolfram Horstmann
Göttingen State and University Library, Germany
Michael Huerta
National Institues of Health, USA
Johanna McEntyre
EMBL-EBI, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
Anthony Rowe
Johnson & Johnson, USA
Richard H. Scheuermann
J. Craig Venter Institute, USA
Jessica Tenenbaum
Duke Translational Medicine Institute, USA
Mark Thorley
Natural Environmental Research Council, UK
Weida Tong
National Center for Toxicological Research, FDA, USA

Matthew Woollard
University of Essex, UK
Ioannis Xenarios
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland

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Editorial Board

The Editorial Board comprises experimental scientists and data-standards experts from across different fields of science. The Editorial Board, our Honorary Academic Editor and the in-house Managing Editor decide, in consultation, which submissions are sent out for in-depth peer-review based on their appropriateness for Scientific Data’s scope and the reuse value of the associated data. Peer review of each submission is overseen by an Editorial Board member.

Biological Sciences

A - C | D - F | G - I | J - L | M - O | P - R | S - U | V - Z

A - C

Patrick Aloy
Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Spain
Expertise: Systems biology, Systems medicine, Interactomics, Structural & computational biology

Michelle Arkin
University of California San Francisco, USA
Expertise: High-throughput screening, High-content imaging, Phenotypic screening, Biochemistry, Enzymology, Surface plasmon resonance, Biophysical methods, Phage display

Juan Ignacio Arribas
University of Valladolid, Spain
Expertise: Bioinformatics, Computer Aided Diagnosis, Expert System, Machine Learning, Schizophrenia

Brian D. Athey
University of Michigan Medical School, USA
Expertise: Systems biology, Computational medicine/ Biomedical informatics, Translational medicine & associated knowledge bases, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoepigenomics

Nathan Baker
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Expertise: Computational biology, Bioinformatics, Structural biology, Biophysics, Nanotechnology, Applied mathematics, Machine learning

Nitin Baliga
Institute for Systems Biology, USA
Expertise: Microbiology, Archaea, Bioinformatics, Systems biology & medicine, Gene expression analysis, Gene regulatory network

Lucia Banci
University of Florence, Italy

Stephan Beck
University College London, UK
Expertise: Medical genomics, Functional genomics, Next-generation sequencing, Epigenomics, Personal genomics

Evan Bolton
National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), USA
Chemical informatics, Computational chemistry, Knowledge representation, Biological activity, Scientific systems, Data standards

Michael Boutros
Heidelberg University & DKFZ, Germany
Expertise: Functional genomics, Chemical genetics, Signaling networks, The interactome, RNAi

Pascal Braun
Technische Universität München, Germany
Expertise: Networks, Protein-interactions, Affinity-putification-mass spectrometry (AP-MS), Protein-DNA interactions (networks), Y2H (to map human, yeast, worm, & plant interactions), Stitch-Seq

Martin Brazeau
Imperial College London, UK
Expertise: Vertebrate palaeontology, Morphological evolution, Comparative anatomy, Phylogenetics, Computed tomography, Phylogenetic data standards

Søren Brunak
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Expertise: Biological & medical informatics in genomics, Metagenomics, Protein-protein interactome, Text-mining, Algorithm development, Integrative analysis

Stephen K. Burley
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA

Atul Butte
University of California, San Francisco, USA
Expertise: Computational biology and medicine, Translational bioinformatics, Translational/systems medicine

Doug Cook
University of California, Davis
Expertise: Plant and microbial genomics, Computational biology, Molecular biology, Genome evolution and functional genomics

D - F

William Davidson
Simon Fraser University, Canada
Expertise: Salmonid genomics, Comparative genomics of fish, Sex-determination, Odorant receptors, GWAS

K. Andy DeSoto
Association for Psychological Science, USA
Expertise: Cognition, Memory, Policy, Metascience, Behavioral science

Stephen Eglen
University of Cambridge, UK
Expertise: Computational Neuroscience, Neuroinformatics, Reproducible research

Christer Ejsing
University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Expertise: Mass spectrometry-based lipidomics, Shotgun lipidomics (lipidomics based on direct infusion MS), LC-MS-based lipidomics

Aldo Faisal
Imperial College London, UK
Expertise: Human or animal behaviour, Motion capture, Eye tracking & neural signals, Social data sets (mobile phone, mobility, GPS, etc.)

Alisdair Fernie
Max Planck Institute-Golm, Denmark
Expertise: Metabolomics, Flux profiling, Gene expression, Metabolic modelling, Data warehousing

Cesare Furlanello
Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy
Expertise: Machine learning, Pattern recognition, Computational biology, Systems biology

G - I

F. Javier García Casado
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV), Centro de Investigación e Innovación en Bioingeniería (CI2B), Spain
Expertise: Biosignal procesing, Biomedical instrumentation, Pregnancy and labor monitoring, Gastrointestinal activity recording and analysis, Decision making support systems

Rick O. Gilmore
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Expertise: Development, Perception, Psychology, Neuroscience

Frank Oliver Glöckner
MPI for Marine Microbiology, Germany
Expertise: Next-generation sequencing, Marker genes (typically ribosomal RNA amplicons), Genomics, Metagenomics

Qiyong Gong
West China Hospital of Sichuan University, China
Expertise: Psychiatric imaging, Neuroradiology, Neuroimaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Functional MRI, Structural MRI, MR spectroscopy, Diffusion tensor imaging, Perfusion MRI, Diffusion weighted imaging, Resting-state functional MRI, Brain connectivity, Voxel based morphometry

Brenton Graveley
Institute for Systems Genomics & Health Center, UConn, USA
Expertise: Computational biology, Functional genomics, CLIP-Seq & RNA-Seq

Casey Greene
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Expertise: Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Gene expression, Interactomics, Systems biology

Cornelis Grimmelikhuijzen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Expertise: Insect genomics, Arthropod genomics, Neuropeptides, G protein-coupled receptors, Biogenic amines

Michael Hanke
Center for Behavioral Brain Sciences, Magdeburg
Expertise: Psychophysics, Computational neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Machine learning, Research software integration and distribution

Simon Hay
University of Washington, USA; University of Oxford, UK
Expertise: Biostatistics, Infectious disease, Statistical modelling, GIS, Mapping cartography & natural human resistance

Yongqun "Oliver" He
University of Michigan Medical School, USA
Expertise: Ontology, Literature mining, Interaction networks, Vaccines, Host-pathogen interation, Adverse events

David Healy
Bangor University, UK

Henning Hermjakob
EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
Expertise: Computational biology, Computational proteomics, Systems biology, Data standards, Standards-compliant proteomics, interactome data resources, Interactomics

Matthew Hibbs
Trinity University, USA
Expertise: Computational biology, Machine learning, Gene expression, High-throughput sequencing, Data visualizaiton

Paul Hoskisson
University of Strathclyde, UK
Expertise: Genomics, Microbiology, Genome assembly, NGS, Mathematical modeling, SEM

Jim Hu
Texas A&M University, USA

Philip Hugenholtz
University of Queensland, Australia
Expertise: Ecological & evolutionary microbiology, Metagenomics, Phylogeneomics, Next-generation sequencing, RNA-seq, Microbial diversity, Microbial taxonomy

Curtis Huttenhower
Harvard School of Public Health, USA
Expertise: Microbiology, Metagenomics, Systems biology, Computational biology, Phylogenomics & taxonomic classification of microbes (algorithm development), Next-generation sequencing, RNA-Seq

Trey Ideker
University of California San Diego, USA
Expertise: Computational biology, Biological networks, Functional genomics, Systems biology, Next-generation sequencing, Microarrays

Mike Illes
Trent University, Canada
Expertise: Forensic science, Bloodstain pattern analysis, Crime scene investigations

John Irwin
University of California, San Francisco
Expertise: Virtual screening, Chemical libraries, Software tools, Databases for chemical and system biology

J - L

Jacob Jaffe
Broad Institute, USA
Expertise: Proteomics, Functional genomics

Natasha Karp
AstraZeneca, UK
Expertise: In vivo, Phenotyping, Experimental design, Data analysis

Hideya Kawaji
RIKEN, Japan
Expertise: Computational biology, Functional genomics, Sequence analysis, Transcriptional regulation, Clinical genomics

Libusha Kelly
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Christopher Kinsinger
National Institutes of Health, USA
Expertise: Proteomics, Clinical proteomics, Data standards

Volker Koch
Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland
Expertise: Biomedical engineering, Biomedical signal and image processing/analysis, Biomedical instrumentation, Prototype development of medical devices, Optical coherence tomography

Isaac Kohane
Harvard Medical School, USA
Expertise: Cancer genome, Autism genomes, Human genetics and genomics, Translational medicine, Text-mining, Statistical analysis

Peter Kuhn
University of Southern California, USA

Shigehiro Kuraku
Center for Life Science Technologies (CLST), RIKEN, Japan
Expertise: Molecular evolution, Genome informatics, Developmental biology, Non-model vertebrates

Alain Laederach
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Expertise: Systems biology, Bioinformatics, RNA biology, RNA-Seq, CLIP-SEQ, PAR-CLIP, RNA-seq, SHAPE-seq, FAIRE, Ontologies, CAP-seq, Splice graph, Alternative splicing

Michael Lauer
National Institutes of Health, USA
Expertise:: Clinical & population-based epidemiology, Clinical registries, Randomized clinical trials, Random forest machine learning, Research funding and policy, Human subjects’ protection, Medical/scientific editing, Bibliometrics

Eric Laurent
University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté (University of Franche-Comté, Besançon), France
Expertise: Cognition, Complexity, Eye movement, Mood and emotion, Perception

Ben Lehner
Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain
Expertise: Systems biology, Functional genomics, Network analysis, Machine learning, Statistical analysis

Kathryn Lilley
University of Cambridge, UK
Expertise: Proteomics, The protein-protein interactome, Data standards

Jie Luo
Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Metabolomics, Functional genomics, Metabolic genetics, Metabolic engineering

M - O

Narendra Maheshri

John Markley
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Maryann Martone
University of California San Diego, USA
Expertise: Neurobiology, Data standards, Data structure, Metadata, Imaging, Ontology

Ahmed Moustafa
American University in Cairo, Egypt
Expertise: Computational biology, Metagenomics, Comparative genomics, Phylogenomics

Robert F. Murphy
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Expertise: Microscopy, Flow cytometry, Machine learning

Steffan Neumann
Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Germany
Expertise: Computational biology, Metabolomics, Computational mass spectrometry, Bioinformatics

Thomas Nichols
University of Warwick, UK
Expertise: Neuroimaging statistics, Task and resting fMRI, Structural MRI, VBM (voxel based morphometry) or TBM (tensor based morphometry) or DBM (deformation based morphometry), MRI lesion analysis, VLSM (Voxel-Lesion Symptom Mapping), PET (Positron Emission Tomography), Electrophysiology, EEG & MEG

P - R

Paul Pavlidis
University of British Columbia, Canada
Expertise: Computational biology, Neuroinformatics, Neuroscience, Functional genomics

Arwen Pearson
University of Hamburg, Germany
Expertise: Macromolecular X-ray crystallography, Structural biology, Time-resolved structural biology, Protein Dynamics, Biophysics

Russell Poldrack
The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Expertise: Computational neuroscience, Clinical neuroscience, Neuroimaging, fMRI, Cognitive ontology development

Jean-Baptiste Poline
Neurospin, France
Expertise: MRI especially fMRI, PET, EEG/MEG, Imaging Genetics (SNP, CNV mostly), Clinical and psychological assessments when associated with brain imaging data

Simon Rasmussen
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Expertise: Bioinformatics, Metagenomics, Ancient DNA, Next-generation sequencing, Genomics

Adam Renslo
University of California, San Francisco, USA

Expertise: In vitro ADME (solubility, permeability, microsome stability), In vivo pharmacokinetics, Structure-activity data

Chris Richards
The Royal Veterinary College, UK
Expertise: Biomechanics, Muscle physiology, Bio-robotics, Comparative anatomy, Neuromuscular modeling

Gal Richter Levin
University of Haifa, Israel
Expertise: Neurobiology of stress, Neurobiology of Stress-related disorders, Emotional modulation of memory formation, Amygdala modulation of plasticity in limbic areas, Emotional aspects of chronic pain

Nicolas Robine
New York Genome Center, USA
Expertise: RNA-Seq, Transcriptomics, Cancer genomics

Philippe Rocca-Serra
Oxford e-Research Centre, UK
Expertise: ISA, Data structure, Data standards, DNA microarray, Mass spectrometry, Next-generation sequencing

Henry Rodriguez
National Cancer Institute, USA
Expertise: Cancer, Proteomics and clinical proteomics, Data standards, Mass spectrometry

Antonio Rosato
University of Florence, Italy
Expertise: NMR spectroscopy, Metalloproteomics, Metal homeostasis, Structural modelling, Bioinformatics

Joe Ross
Yale University, USA
Expertise: Clinical & population-based epidemiology, Clinical registries, Randomized clinical trials, Health policy

Timothy Rowe
The University of Texas at Austin, USA
Expertise: Paleontology, Vertebrate evolution, Comparative phylogeny, Data management, Computed tomography, Morphology, Comparative anatomy, Systematics

S - U

Albin Sandelin
University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Expertise: Computational biology, Functional genomics, Motif analysis, Medical genomics, Transcription start sites/ gene regulation, Enhancer biology

Kai Savolainen
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
Expertise: Gene & protein expression of chemokines & cytokines, Proteomics & transcriptomics, Electron & light microscopy, Genetic toxicology, Comet assay, Bioinformatics & systems biology

Nicholas J. Schork
The Scripps Research Institute, USA
Expertise: Functional genomics, Biological & medical informatics, Human genetics, Complex traits in human diseases

Stephan C. Schürer
University of Miami, USA
Expertise: Drug discovery, Big data analytics, Systems chemical biology, Network poly-pharmacology, Medicinal chemistry, Chem-/bio-informatics

Nigam Shah
Stanford University, USA
Expertise: Biomedical informatics, Translational bioinformatics, Evidence-based medicine, Text-mining, Data mining

Caroline Shamu
Harvard Medical School, USA

Leming Shi
Fudan University, China
Expertise: Microarray, Next-generation sequencing, High-throughput screening, Genomics, Personalized medicine, Bioinformatics, Computational chemistry, Cheminformatics, Chemometrics

Kaylene Simpson
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia
Expertise: Functional genomics, HT screening, siRNA & shRNA libraries, miRNA, long-non coding RNA libraries, High content imaging (encompassing HT), Assay development

Titia Sixma
Netherlands Cancer Institute, The Netherlands

Jennifer Smith
Harvard Medical School, USA
Expertise: Functional genomics, Protein-protein interaction, The host-virus interactome, High throughput screens (RNAi and small molecule), Microarray-based analysis

Chris Steinbeck
European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), UK
Expertise: Metabolomics, Natural products, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Data standards

Chris Stoeckert
Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Expertise: Biomedical ontologies, Genomics databases, Data standards

Jason Swedlow
University of Dundee, UK
Expertise: Imaging (super-res, light microscopy, high content screening, digital pathology, multi-dimensional and super-resolution), Proteomics, Microscopy data management, Quantitative imaging, Image informatics

Patrick Tang
University of British Columbia, Canada
Expertise: Virology/ microbiology, Metagenomics using next-generation sequencing & microarray, Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Guy Tanentzapf
University of British Columbia, Canada
Expertise: Functional genomics, Genetic screens, Model organism genetics, Cell biology, Quantitative imaging, Developmental biology

Craig Thomas
National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, National Institutes of Health, USA
Expertise: Medicinal chemistry, Chemical libraries, Systems pharmacology, High-throughput screening, Functional genomics

Arthur Toga
LONI, University of Southern California, USA
Expertise: Neurobiology, Neuroanatomy, Neural structure & function, Neuroimaging

Xavier Trepat
Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, Spain

Susannah Tringe
DOE Joint Genome Institute, USA
Expertise: DNA & RNA sequencing, Metagenomics, Microbial genomics

Adrian Tsang
Concordia University, Canada
Expertise: Microbiology (mycology), Genomics, Functional genomics, Phylogenomics, Biocuration, Industrial biotechnology

V - Z

Mark Viant
University of Birmingham, UK
Expertise: Metabolomics, Toxicology, Chemical risk assessment

Todd Vision
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Expertise: Comparative & functional genomics, Statistical genetics (population genetics & genetic mapping), Biological systematics / phylogenetics (fossil age calibration)

Lance Waller
Emory University, USA
Expertise: Spatial statistics, Geographic information systems & Biomedical informatics

Charles Wang
Loma Linda University Center for Genomics, USA
Expertise: Genomics, Epigenomics, Transcriptomics, Microbiomics and metagenomics, Systems biology, Single-cell sequencing, Epigenomic reprogramming of cardiac stem cells, Epigenomic reprogramming and longevity

Markus Wenk
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Expertise: Lipidomics, Chemistry & biology of lipids

Stefan Wiemann
German Cancer Research Center, Germany
Expertise: Cancer genomics, Biological networks, Functional genomics, RNAi screening, Regulatory potential of miRNAs, Protein arrays, Gene expression analysis via microarray, methylation analysis via microarrays, Next-generation sequencing

Tifei Yuan
Nanjing Normal University, China
Expertise: Dopamine, Synaptic plasticity, Addiction, Brain stimulation, Patch clamp

Dani Zamir
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Expertise: Genetics of simple & complex traits, QTL, Complex phenotypes, Plant breeding

Musheng Zeng
Sun Yat-sen University, China
Expertise: Cancer, Virology, Translational Medicine, Next-generation sequencing, Gene regulation

Vadim Zinchuk
Kochi University, Japan
Expertise: Bioinformatics, Quantitative microscopy, Quantitative imaging, Fluorescence, Systems biology, Digital pathology

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Earth, Environment, and Ecological Sciences

A - C | D - F | G - I | J - L | M - O | P - R | S - U | V - Z

A – C

Amir AghaKouchak
University of California, Irvine, USA

Andy Biggin
University of Liverpool, UK
Geomagnetism, Palaeomagnetism, Rock magnetism, Environmental magnetism

Philip Boyd
University of Tasmania, Australia
Expertise: Climate science, Aquatic ecosystems, Nutrient cycles, Iron bioavailability

Anny Cazenave
Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), France

D – F

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Silvio De Angelis
University of Liverpool, UK
Expertise: Advanced time-series analyses, analytical & numerical modelling in global, regional & local seismology, Volcanic seismology, global, regional & local Acoustic Infrasound, Assessment of earthquake & volcanic hazards, Implementation & management of large databases (seismic, GPS, remote sensing)

Paulo A. de Souza
CSIRO, Australia
Expertise: Mineral characterisation and geochemistry, Environmental monitoring, Sensors and sensor networks, Data science

Thorsten Dittmar
University of Oldenburg, Germany
Expertise: Ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry data of natural organic matter (Fourier-transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry, FT-ICR-MS), Marine biogeochemistry data, Chemical oceanography data

Philip Donoghue
University of Bristol, UK

Harry Dowsett
Eastern Geology & Paleoclimate Science Center, US Geological Survey, USA
Expertise: Micropaleontology, Paleontology, Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanography, Stratigraphy

Claire Ellul
University College London, UK
Expertise: Geospatial Information Science (GIS), Spatial data quality, Spatial metadata, 3D GIS, Spatial Databases

Mat Evans
University of York, UK
Expertise: Atmosphere, Composition, Modelling, Observations, Troposphere

Peter Fox
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Expertise: Climate science, Semantic data frameworks, Solar-terrestrial physics, Climate informatics, Climate assessments, Environmental informatics, Geophysical data (observational & experimental)

Chris Funk
US Geological Survey, USA
Expertise: Climate, Remote sensing, Environment, Food security, Hydrology

G – I

Charles Godfray
University of Oxford, UK

Ivan Haigh
University of Southampton, UK
Expertise: Sea level rise, Extreme events, Coastal flooding, Tides, Coastal morphology

Xabier Irigoien
KAUST, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Expertise: Marine science, Plankton & trophic webs

J – L

Philip Jones
University of East Anglia, UK
Expertise: Climate-science, climate observations/ proxies& climate model output, Climate change impacts

Jens Kattge
Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Germany
Expertise: Plant traits, Plant ecology, Plant ecophysiology, Ecosystem function, Ecosystem ecology

Kurt Kjær
Natural History Museum of Denmark, Denmark
Expertise: Ice sheets, Climate, Arctic, Remote sensing, Quaternary

Rob Knell
Queen Mary University of London, UK
Expertise: Ecology, Evolution, Eco-immunology, Sexual selection, Adaptation

Atsushi Kume
Kyushu University, Japan
Expertise: Alpine ecosystems, Climate science, Forest hydrology, Plant ecophysiology, Stable isotope

Rob Lanfear
Australian National University, Australia
Phylogenetics, Phylogenomics, Comparative analyses, Comparative trait databases

Chris Lortie
York University, Canada
Expertise: Plant-insect ecology, Community ecology, Density series experiments, Nutrient/ resource experiments, Climate change studies

M – O

Fernando T. Maestre
Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain
Expertise: Community ecology, Ecosystem ecology, Ecological impacts of global environmental change, Dryland ecology, Biological soil crusts, Plant-plant interactions, Nutrient cycling, Ecosystem functioning, Plant functional traits, Biodiversity

Alf Norkko
Tvärminne Zoological Station, University of Helsinki, Finland
Marine benthic ecology, Marine biodiversity, Community ecology

P – R

Dario Papale
University of Tuscia, Italy
Expertise: Micro-meteorological measurements, Ecosystem fluxes from eddy covariance & chambers measurements, Ecosystem stocks & productivity measurements, Proximal & remote sensing, Ecosystem manipulation experiments

Andrew Richardson
Harvard University, USA
Terrestrial ecosystem measurements, Eddy covariance, Micro-meteorological & radiometric measurements, Near-surface remote sensing (broadband, hyper spectral, & thermal imaging), Gas exchange from plants & soil

Eric Roberts
James Cook University, Australia
Sedimentary geology, Sedimentary provenance, Tectonics, Geochronology, Palaeontology, Ichnology, Taphonomy

Steven Roberts
University of Washington, USA
Expertise: Ecology, Fisheries ecology, Functional genomics

S – U

Joanna Setchell
Durham University, UK
Animal life history, Morphology, Behaviour, Evolutionary ecology & Behavioural endocrinology

Sapna Sharma
York University, Canada
Expertise: Climate change, Limnology, Invasive species, Numerical ecology, Ecology

Gavin Simpson
University of Regina, Canada
Expertise: Limnology, Palaeolimnology, Palaeoecology, Quantitative ecology, Palaeoecology, Environmental change, Community ecology

Caroline Slomp
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Expertise: Marine Biogeochemistry, Chemical oceanography, Nutrient, Carbon and Iron dynamics.

Meric Srokosz
University of Southampton, UK
Expertise: Oceanography, Climate science, Ocean currents, Satellite oceanography, Waves and wave breaking, Upper ocean biological-physical interactions, Agulhas & Madagascar Currents system

Karen Strier
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Expertise: Animal behaviour, Behavioural ecology, Life history & demography, Primates

Alessandro Tagliabue
University of Liverpool, UK
Expertise: Ocean biogeochemistry, Carbon and macro/micro nutrient cycling, Phytoplankton productivity, Climate sciences

Andrew Tatem
University of Southampton, UK
Expertise: GIS, Remote sensing, Demography, Spatial epidemiology

V – Z

Emiel van Loon
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Expertise: Statistical ecology, Animal movement, Species distribution modeling, Hydrology

Christiane Werner
University Freiburg, Germany
Stable isotope analysis, Stable isotope laser spectrometers, Chlorophyll fluorescence, Photosynthesis, Water relations, Sap flow

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Physical Sciences

Stanley C. Ahalt
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Expertise: Big data, Data management, Signal processing, Machine learning, Compression, Pattern recognition

Robert Davey
The Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK
Expertise: Data infrastructure, Data stewardship, Semantic web, Bioinformatics, Software engineering

Ying Ding
Indiana University, USA
Expertise: Metadata, Semantic web, Data integration, Ontology engineering, Linked open data

Jeremy Frey
University of Southampton, UK

Giulia Galli
University of Chicago, USA
Expertise: First principles calculations of materials and molecules, Materials for energy conversion processes, Spectroscopic and transport properties of materials

Janos Hajdu
Uppsala University, Sweden
Expertise: X-ray lasers, Photon science, Synchrotron radiation research, X-ray crystallography, Structural biology, Matter under extreme conditions.

Jim Halliday
STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, & UKERC, UK

Frank Krauss
Durham University, UK

O. Anatole von Lilienfeld
University of Basel, Switzerland
Expertise: Quantum chemistry, Density functional theory, Molecular dynamics calculations,
Chemical compound space, Machine Learning

Nicola Marzari
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
Expertise: Computational materials science, Atomistic simulations, High-throughput calculations

Dénes Lajos Nagy
Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
Expertise: Nuclear methods in materials research, Mössbauer spectroscopy (including nuclear resonance scattering of synchrotron radiation), Ion-beam analysis of materials, Neutron scattering, X-ray scattering and X-ray spectroscopy (laboratory and synchrotrons)

Dragomir Neshev
The Australian National University, Australia
Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Singular optics, Nonlinear optics, Quantum optics

Saray Shai
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
Applied mathematics, Computational methods, Complex systems, Network analysis, Statistical physics

David Shipworth
University College London, UK

Eric Stach
Brookhaven National Lab, USA
Expertise: Transmission electron microscopy, Scanning transmission electron microscopy, Electron diffraction, Electron energy loss spectroscopy, Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, Operando characterization, In situ characterization

Hideaki Takeda
National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Ontology, Metadata, Scholarly Communication, Social Media Analysis

Matthew Todd
The University of Sydney, Australia
Expertise: NMR spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, Mass spectrometry, Elemental analysis, Melting point, Reaction enthalpy, Biological potency, IC50

Chris Wolverton
Northwestern University, USA
Expertise: Computational materials science, Density functional theory, Materials design and discovery, High-throughput materials data, Energy Materials

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Social Sciences

Thom Baguley
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Expertise: Experimental psychology, Statistical Modeling, Cognitive Science, Human memory

Erin Bohensky
CSIRO Land and Water, Australia
Expertise: Knowledge, Perceptions, Participation, Adaptation, Governance

Christopher Boyle
University of Exeter, UK
Expertise: School psychology, Educational psychology, Attributions research, Attitudes to inclusive education, Inclusive education

Ciro Cattuto
ISI Foundation, Italy
Expertise: Social networks, Social media, Wearable sensors, Digital disease detection, Computational social science

Katherine Corker
Grand Valley State University, USA
Expertise: Personality psychology, Motivation/goals, Replication/reproducibility, Structural equation modeling, Academic achievement

Mercè Crosas
Harvard University, USA
Expertise: Data science, data sharing and curation for quantitative social science data sets

Katherine Homewood
University College London, UK
Expertise: Africa, Livelihoods, Development, Conservation, Wellbeing

Ben Marwick
University of Washington, USA
Expertise: Archaeology, Human ecology, Palaeoclimates, Text analysis

Brian Nosek
Center for Open Science & University of Virginia, USA
Expertise: Psychology, Research methodolgy, Social sciences, Open science, Behavioral sciences

Dan O'Brien
Northeastern University, USA
Expertise: Policy, Big Data, Social sciences, Urban studies

David Reinstein
University of Exeter, UK

Margaret E. Roberts
University of California, San Diego, USA
Expertise: Political science, China, Social science, Text analysis, Censorship

Martin Schweinsberg
ESMT Berlin, Germany
Experise: Negotiations, Conflict resolution, Status, Social comparisons, Crowdsourcing science

Endre Tvinnereim
Uni Research Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Norway
Expertise: Public opinion polling, Open-ended questions, Quantitative text analysis, Climate change mitigation policy, Survey experiments

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