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Nature Photonics 1, 319 - 330 (2007)

Subject Categories: Ultrafast photonics | Fibre optics and optical communications

Microwave photonics combines two worlds

José Capmany1 & Dalma Novak2

Microwave photonics, which brings together the worlds of radiofrequency engineering and optoelectronics, has attracted great interest from both the research community and the commercial sector over the past 30 years and is set to have a bright future. The technology makes it possible to have functions in microwave systems that are complex or even not directly possible in the radiofrequency domain and also creates new opportunities for telecommunication networks. Here we introduce the technology to the photonics community and summarize recent research and important applications.

  1. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications, Edificio 8G, Ciudad Politecnica de la Innovacion, Valencia, Valencia 46023, Spain
  2. Pharad LLC, 797 Cromwell Park Drive, Suite 5, Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061, USA

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