Relationship to Other Nature Journals

Nature Materials is editorially independent of the other Nature-branded journals, that is, our in-house editorial team make their own decisions independently of colleagues at sister titles. Occasionally, our editors consult with editors at different Nature-branded journals on manuscripts that are not deemed to be suitable for our journal, but are believed to be a fit for another title. The consultation process is confidential and it is aimed at providing authors with information on whether a re-submission to the other title would be successful. If you prefer that your manuscript is not discussed with editors at other journals, you can indicate so during the submission process.

If your manuscript satisfies the scope of more than one Nature-branded journal, you should decide where to submit to first. As general guidelines, Nature publishes the most significant advances across the breadth of the natural sciences, including material sciencesNature Materials publishes landmark papers within the field of material sciences and engineering. Topics covered by other Nature-branded journals (such as physics, chemistry, energy, biomedical engineering, nanotechnology and photonics) do also feature in Nature Materials when the work centres on some new development in material sciences; see aims and scope for more information.

If your manuscript was rejected from another Nature-branded journal, you can use our manuscript transfer service to re-submit the manuscript to Nature Materials without having to resupply manuscript files and metadata. The editor handling the manuscript will have emailed you a link in their decision letter that you must use to access the service. Please note that referees' identities and comments (including any confidential comments to the editor) will be transferred to us alongside the manuscript. Our editors will take any referee reports into account when making their decision, although in some cases they may choose to seek advice from additional referees. More information on the transfer service can be found here.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to carry forward the previous history of the manuscript, you should not use the transfer service. Instead, you should submit your manuscript as a fresh submission via our online submission system, in which case our editors will evaluate the manuscript without knowledge of any previous review process.

Similarly, if your submission was unsuccessful at our journal, you can use the transfer service to re-submit to a selection of titles published by Springer Nature, including Nature-branded titles.

Additional information on the relationship between titles within Nature Research can be found here.