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2013 Review of the Year

Shutdowns, lethal viruses, typhoons and meteorites — much of this year’s science news seemed to come straight from the set of a Hollywood disaster movie. But there were plenty of feel-good moments, too. Space exploration hit a new high, cash poured in to investigate that most cryptic of human organs, the brain, and huge leaps were made in stem-cell therapies and the treatment of HIV. Here, captured in soundbites, statistics and summaries, is everything you need to know about the science that mattered in 2013.

Image credit: Dimitry Papkov/Joel Brehm/Yuris Dzenis

Nature's 10

  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Nature's 10

    Nature profiles ten people who were central in some of the most important science stories this year: from Feng Zhang, who is advancing gene-editing techniques to Henry Snaith, who is developing new solar-cell materials.

    Nature (19 December 2013)

The year in science

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