Sea-level rise

July 2017

This collection brings together important, open-access research in sea-level rise published in Nature Communications since the last report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Sea-level research is a vigorous and dynamic field of study, and this evolving collection aims to provide a unified resource to support scientists and policymakers alike in keeping up with the rapid developments in the field.  

Image credit: Getty Images/Brandi Mueller 

Complexity research

June 2017

Here we showcase the potential of interdisciplinary complexity research by bringing together a selection of articles investigating complex systems. Complexity research aims to characterize and understand the behaviour and nature of systems made up of many interacting elements. Such efforts often require interdisciplinary collaboration and expertise from diverse schools of thought. Nature Communications publishes papers across a broad range of topics that span the physical and life sciences, making the journal an ideal home for such interdisciplinary studies.