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Latest Research

  • Letter |

    Changes in European river flow have amplified the dry-south–wet-north contrast. Model simulations show that anthropogenic climate change accounts for this change with strong decreases in the Mediterranean and weak increases in northern Europe.

    • Lukas Gudmundsson
    • , Sonia I. Seneviratne
    •  & Xuebin Zhang
  • Letter |

    As a global media event, COP 21 had the potential to enhance understanding and motivate political action. This study shows that although media coverage reached the German public and promoted conference-specific knowledge, this did not translate into active engagement.

    • Michael Brüggemann
    • , Fenja De Silva-Schmidt
    • , Imke Hoppe
    • , Dorothee Arlt
    •  & Josephine B. Schmitt
  • Letter |

    Past studies suggest the North American monsoon will weaken in the future. Correcting for model sea-surface temperature biases, however, reveals a reduction in monsoon-related precipitation due to increased atmospheric stability.

    • Salvatore Pascale
    • , William R. Boos
    • , Simona Bordoni
    • , Thomas L. Delworth
    • , Sarah B. Kapnick
    • , Hiroyuki Murakami
    • , Gabriel A. Vecchi
    •  & Wei Zhang
  • Letter |

    Distribution modelling of vascular plants, butterflies and grasshoppers in central Europe suggests that habitat-based conservation strategies will be insufficient to save species from regional extinction under twenty-first-century climate change.

    • Johannes Wessely
    • , Karl Hülber
    • , Andreas Gattringer
    • , Michael Kuttner
    • , Dietmar Moser
    • , Wolfgang Rabitsch
    • , Stefan Schindler
    • , Stefan Dullinger
    •  & Franz Essl
  • Article |

    The bleaching threat to coral reefs from warming is increasing, but risk locations are not clear. This study relates regional sea surface temperature variability to bleaching sensitivity and the future risk to coral reefs.

    • C. E. Langlais
    • , A. Lenton
    • , S. F. Heron
    • , C. Evenhuis
    • , A. Sen Gupta
    • , J. N. Brown
    •  & M. Kuchinke

News & Comment

  • Interview |

    Development and planning for the sixth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6) has been years in the making. Nature Climate Change speaks to the Chair of the CMIP Panel, Veronika Eyring, about the aims and projected outcomes of the project.

    • Graham Simpkins
  • Commentary |

    In anticipation of the IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report we look back at our evolving understanding of atmospheric CH4. Though sources, sinks, and atmospheric burden are now well known, apportionment between the myriad sources and sinks, and forecasting natural emissions, remains a challenge.

    • Patrick M. Crill
    •  & Brett F. Thornton
  • Editorial |

    Understanding of anthropogenic climate change has evolved since the IPCC's First Assessment Report. Further progress relies on continued collaboration between observationalists and modellers.

  • Editorial |

    As the climate changes, extreme storm and flood events are increasing in intensity and frequency, exposing more people to their impacts. Resilience planning needs to start now to limit these impacts.

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