Nature 59, 131-131 (08 December 1898) | doi:10.1038/059131a0

Edwin Dunkin, F.R.S

W. E. P.


AT the ripe age of seventy-seven, with the consciousness of having fulfilled a useful career, and amid the respect and sympathy of his associates, Mr. Edwin Dunkin has passed away, again diminishing the small band of zealous assistants, that Sir George Airy collected around himself, when some sixty years ago he undertook the reorganisation of the Royal Observatory, and inaugurated that system of uniform and continual observation which has ever since remained the chief characteristic of that institution. To trace the career of Mr. Edwin Dunkin is to recall the history of the Observatory under its late director, for during nearly half a century Mr. Dunkin took a prominent part in its activity, filling many responsible positions, till finally he became the chief and confidential assistant.