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Thursday 19 October 2017
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Letters to Nature
Nature 224, 902 - 904 (29 November 1969); doi:10.1038/224902a0

Combined Aerial and Shipboard Upwelling Study in the Benguela Current


Division of Sea Fisheries, Sea Point, Cape Town.
CSIR Oceanographic Research Unit, University of Cape Town.

UPWELLING of cold, low salinity water occurs seasonally off the south and west coasts of southern Africa1–3, and is part of the Benguela current system which extends from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Frio, 1,000 miles to the north. As part of a detailed study programme of coastal upwelling, a survey was undertaken off the Cape Peninsula between November 18 and 29, 1968. Three methods were used in this survey: daily near-synoptic surface temperature charts were produced with a continuously recording airborne radiation thermometer (ART) on four lines parallel to the coast; a grid of fixed stations (see Fig. 1a) was covered four times by RS Sardinops; and a drogue, lowered in a recently upwelled water mass, was followed for 72 h. Comprehensive biological, chemical and physical measurements were carried out on board ship.

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