Nature 133, 499-499 (31 March 1934) | doi:10.1038/133499b0

The Pectoral Fin of Coelacanthus tingleyensis



THE structure of the internal skeleton of Coelacanthus tingleyensis, Davis, was first described1 and figured2 by Wellborn as having six basal supports radiating out from the shoulder girdle in a manner similar to those in a pectoral fin described by Wood-ward3 from the Talbragar Beds. In view of the recent work of Stensiƶ4 on the structure of this fin in the Triassic Coelacanth Laugia groenlandica, we have re-examined Wellburn’s specimen, which is now in the Leeds City Museum (No. D17), and found that the fin does not show the radials described by Wellburn. This we consider is important and worth putting on record, for it would have been difficult to reconcile the actinopterygian-like arrangement described by Wellburn with the archipterygial type of fin present in the later Triassic Coelacanths.



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