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Launching in January 2018, Nature Sustainability is an online-only journal that will cover studies of sustainability issues, their policy dimensions and possible solutions.

About the Journal

  • Nature Sustainability will bring together all of the research fields contributing to a deep understanding of the ways in which we organize our lives in a finite world and the multiple impacts our actions have. Beyond fundamental research, the journal will publish significant investigations into the policies and solutions that will ensure human well-being now and in the future. Its aim is to facilitate important cross-disciplinary dialogues to respond to the greatest challenges of our time.
  • We publish a range of content types including original research articles and analyses, News & Views, Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Features and Correspondence that elaborate on significant advances in the field and cover topical issues.
  • Nature Sustainability is led by Monica Contestabile, an environmental economist with previous experience as Senior Editor at Nature Climate Change and at WWF-UK, where she led research on sustainable consumption.
  • Editorial office, institutional access, advertising and marketing.