About the Journal

Nature Reviews Chemistry is an online-only journal for the weekly publication of Reviews, Perspectives and Comments in all disciplines within chemistry. The journal is part of the Nature Reviews portfolio. Learn more about Nature Reviews.

Our Reviews aim to be balanced and objective analyses of the selected topic – with descriptions of relevant scientific literature and discussions that are easy to grasp for recent graduates in any chemistry-related discipline, as well as informing principal investigators and industry-based research scientists of the latest advances. Reviews should provide the authors' insight into future directions and their opinion of the major challenges faced by researchers in the field.

Perspectives – as the name suggests – take a look at a topic from a slightly different angle. They may offer more personal viewpoints, explain the historical background to a topic, or discuss some of the social, ethical or environmental factors related to chemistry research in academia and industry.

Our Comments address topical issues in chemistry — the aim is to cover subjects that are of interest to chemists generally that are not necessarily focussed on the results or practice of chemistry research. This may include, but is not limited to, discussions of education in chemistry and the practicalities of research outside the academic environment.

Reviews, Perspectives and Comments are commissioned by the editorial team. 


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Please use the following text to cite the journal:

Nat. Rev. Chem. Vol, Article number (20XX). http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/s41570...

(volume 1 equates to 2017, volume 2 equates to 2018 and so on)


Free content

Nature Reviews Chemistry is a subscription-based journal, but as a newly-launched title we occasionally make articles free to access in order to showcase our content and give readers and authors a clearer idea of our scope. 

Nature Reviews Chemistry does not offer open access licensing options for articles, although specific papers are occasionally made open access when they are deemed to be of exceptional value to the community. The application of an open access licence is at the discretion of the editors; See full licence policy details.