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Techhnology for diagnostics

Accurate diagnostics need technology to detect markers associated with the cause of disease.


Advances in microscopy and the application of machine learning to histology will modernize the examination of tissues.

Genome engineering

The optimization and diversification of methods for manipulating the genome will enable new therapeutic solutions.

Cancer diagnostics

Advances in the isolation of cancer biomarkers in blood and in imaging probes will make a difference in the early detection of cancer.

Bioelectronic devices

Engineering and materials-science advances drive the miniaturization and long-term and safe operation of bioelectronic devices for diagnostics or therapy.

Machine learning in healthcare

The accelerating power of machine learning will empower physicians and speed-up clinical decision making.

Implanted biomaterials

The design of implantable biomaterials with tailored function is rooted in biomolecular and cellular principles.