Seyed M. M. Basri

Elasticity-guided biopsy needles

The March issue highlights needle-shaped piezoelectrics for discriminating abnormal and healthy tissue.

Latest Research

  • Article |

    A microfluidics-based sequencing method that profiles genome-wide DNA methylation using only sub-nanogram quantities of DNA finds distinct DNA methylome patterns in glial and neuronal cell nuclei from mouse brains treated with an antipsychotic drug.

    • Sai Ma
    • , Mario de la Fuente Revenga
    • , Zhixiong Sun
    • , Chen Sun
    • , Travis W. Murphy
    • , Hehuang Xie
    • , Javier González-Maeso
    •  & Chang Lu
  • Article |

    A new chemically defined culture medium for the long-term culture of human pluripotent stem cells uses only three chemical compounds and a lower number of recombinant proteins than used in commercially available media.

    • Shin-ya Yasuda
    • , Tatsuhiko Ikeda
    • , Hosein Shahsavarani
    • , Noriko Yoshida
    • , Bhavana Nayer
    • , Motoki Hino
    • , Neha Vartak-Sharma
    • , Hirofumi Suemori
    •  & Kouichi Hasegawa
  • Article |

    An ultrathin, needle-shaped piezoelectric microsystem that can be injected or mounted onto conventional biopsy needles measures variations in tissue modulus in real time and can thus be used to distinguish abnormal from healthy tissue.

    • Xinge Yu
    • , Heling Wang
    • , Xin Ning
    • , Rujie Sun
    • , Hassan Albadawi
    • , Marcela Salomao
    • , Alvin C. Silva
    • , Yang Yu
    • , Limei Tian
    • , Ahyeon Koh
    • , Chan Mi Lee
    • , Aditya Chempakasseril
    • , Peilin Tian
    • , Matt Pharr
    • , Jianghong Yuan
    • , Yonggang Huang
    • , Rahmi Oklu
    •  & John A. Rogers
  • Article |

    A compact, self-contained device bearing an array of microneedles collects 100 μl of blood at the push of a button, and is more convenient and less painful than a fingerstick and venepuncture.

    • Timothy M. Blicharz
    • , Ping Gong
    • , Bernard M. Bunner
    • , Larry L. Chu
    • , Kaela M. Leonard
    • , Jessica A. Wakefield
    • , Richard E. Williams
    • , Maisam Dadgar
    • , Carlo A. Tagliabue
    • , Ragheb El Khaja
    • , Stephanie L. Marlin
    • , Ramin Haghgooie
    • , Shawn P. Davis
    • , Donald E. Chickering
    •  & Howard Bernstein

News & Comment

  • News & Views |

    A stiffness-sensing piezoelectric microsystem that can be mounted onto conventional biopsy needles distinguishes abnormal tissue from healthy tissue.

    • Pengfei Song
    •  & James F. Greenleaf
  • News & Views |

    Smoking status, blood pressure, age and other cardiovascular risk factors can be predicted from retinal images by using deep learning.

    • Daniel Shu Wei Ting
    •  & Tien Yin Wong
  • News & Views |

    T cells can be efficiently and controllably expanded for adoptive cell therapy in a culture system consisting of lipid bilayers bearing membrane-bound cues for the stimulation of T-cell receptors and of supporting silica microrods that release a T-cell proliferation factor.

    • Michael C. Milone
    •  & Bruce L. Levine
  • Editorial |

    Artificial intelligence may eventually help diagnose eye conditions and the risk of cardiovascular disease, solely from retinal images.

  • News & Views |

    Substituting growth factors with small molecules in the culture medium for the expansion of human pluripotent stem cells reduces costs and lot-to-lot variability.

    • Maroof M. Adil
    •  & David V. Schaffer

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