Powerful optoacoustic imaging
Juan Aguirre, Mathias Schwarz and Vasilis Ntziachristos (TUM/HMGU)

Powerful optoacoustic imaging

The May issue highlights the potential of optoacoustic imaging for the diagnosis of skin diseases and for whole-body pre-clinical tomography.

Latest Research

  • Article |

    Single-impulse photoacoustic computed tomography can, at deep penetration and high resolution and contrast, image the whole-body dynamics of small animals in real time, and track injected cancer cells and image the vasculature of whole rat brains.

    • Lei Li
    • , Liren Zhu
    • , Cheng Ma
    • , Li Lin
    • , Junjie Yao
    • , Lidai Wang
    • , Konstantin Maslov
    • , Ruiying Zhang
    • , Wanyi Chen
    • , Junhui Shi
    •  & Lihong V. Wang
  • Article |

    A closed-loop control system measures and adjusts the concentration of a chemotherapeutic in real time and maintains it within a predefined therapeutic window in both rabbits and rats.

    • P. L. Mage
    • , B. S. Ferguson
    • , D. Maliniak
    • , K. L Ploense
    • , T. E. Kippin
    •  & H. T. Soh
  • Article |

    An efficient and chemically defined protocol for the differentiation of human induced pluripotent stem cells into podocytes enables the recapitulation of the differential clearance of the human kidney glomerulus in an organ-on-a-chip.

    • Samira Musah
    • , Akiko Mammoto
    • , Thomas C. Ferrante
    • , Sauveur S. F. Jeanty
    • , Mariko Hirano-Kobayashi
    • , Tadanori Mammoto
    • , Kristen Roberts
    • , Seyoon Chung
    • , Richard Novak
    • , Miles Ingram
    • , Tohid Fatanat-Didar
    • , Sandeep Koshy
    • , James C. Weaver
    • , George M. Church
    •  & Donald E. Ingber
  • Article |

    Nanoscale extracellular vesicles can be efficiently isolated in about 15 minutes, for downstream analyses of nucleic acids and proteins, via spontaneous labelling through a lipid nanoprobe and subsequent magnetic capture of the labelled vesicles.

    • Yuan Wan
    • , Gong Cheng
    • , Xin Liu
    • , Si-Jie Hao
    • , Merisa Nisic
    • , Chuan-Dong Zhu
    • , Yi-Qiu Xia
    • , Wen-Qing Li
    • , Zhi-Gang Wang
    • , Wen-Long Zhang
    • , Shawn J. Rice
    • , Aswathy Sebastian
    • , Istvan Albert
    • , Chandra P. Belani
    •  & Si-Yang Zheng

News & Comment

  • News and Views |

    A system consisting of an aptamer-based microfluidic biosensor and a simple feedback-control algorithm adjusts therapeutic dosing in near real time in small animals.

    • Rohit Karnik
  • News and Views |

    High-frame-rate, high-resolution photoacoustic computed tomography reveals, for small live animals, the brain's functional connectivity and the dynamics of breathing, blood oxygenation and circulating melanoma cells.

    • Orly Liba
    •  & Adam de la Zerda
  • News and Views |

    An intracortical brain–computer interface combined with functional electrical stimulation allows an individual with traumatic spinal cord injury to perform coordinated reaching and grasping movements.

    • Silvestro Micera
  • News and Views |

    Optoacoustic mesoscopy promises to be a fast and reliable non-invasive method for the diagnosis of psoriasis.

    • Alessandra Narcisi
    • , Rebecca Favaro
    •  & Antonio Costanzo
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    We encourage our authors to display data points in graphs, and to deposit the data in repositories.

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  • Advances in the isolation of cancer biomarkers in blood and in imaging probes will make a difference in the early detection of cancer.
  • Engineering and materials-science advances drive the miniaturization and long-term and safe operation of bioelectronic devices for diagnostics or therapy.
  • The accelerating power of machine learning in diagnosing disease and in sorting and classifying health data will empower physicians and speed-up decision making in the clinic.

Current Issue

Volume 1 Issue 5

Image by Juan Aguirre, Mathias Schwarz & Vasilis Ntziachristos (TUM/HMGU); adapted by Karen Moore.

Volume 1 Issue 5

Powerful optoacoustic imaging

The May issue highlights the potential of optoacoustic imaging for the diagnosis of skin diseases (ArticleNews & Views) and for whole-body pre-clinical tomography (ArticleNews & Views).

The cover shows an artistic rendering of a cross-section of human skin as imaged by optoacoustic mesoscopy (Article; News & Views).


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