Table 5 - Feeding/swallowing team members and their functions

From the following article

Swallowing and feeding in infants and young children

Joan C. Arvedson

GI Motility online (2006)


Team memberFunction

Source: Adapted from Arvedson and Brodsky10 (pp. 6–7).

ParentsPrimary caregiver and decision maker for child
PhysicianMedical leader
(gastroenterologist, developmental pediatrician, or pediatric physiatrist)Team co-leader
Pediatric health and neurodevelopmental diagnosis
Medical and health monitoring within specialty area
Speech-language pathologistTeam co-leader (active in feeding clinic and coordinates programmatic activities)
Clinic and inpatient feeding and swallowing evaluation
Videofluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS) (with radiologist)
Flexible endoscopic examination of swallowing (FEES) (with otolaryngologist)
Oral sensorimotor intervention program
NurseLeads preclinic planning
Reviews records and parent information
Coordinates patient follow-up
Changes gastrostomy tubes
Dietitian/nutritionistAssesses past and current diets
Determines nutrition needs
Monitors nutrition status
PsychologistIdentifies and treats psychological and behavioral feeding problems
Guides parents for behavior modification strategies
Directs inpatient behavioral feeding program
Occupational therapistEvaluates and treats children with problems related to posture, tone, and sensory issues
Social workerAssists families for community resources in a variety of ways
Acts as advocate for the child
Additional specialists 
OtolaryngologistPhysical examination of upper aerodigestive tract
Detailed airway assessment
FEES with speech-language pathologist
Medical and surgical treatment of airway problems
PulmonologistLower airway disease—evaluation and management
RadiologistVFSS with speech-language pathologist
Computed tomography (CT) scan of chest
Varied radiographic diagnostic studies
Pediatric surgeonSurgical management of gastrointestinal disease
Cardiovascular surgeonSurgical management of cardiac disease
Neurologist/neurosurgeonMedical and surgical management of neurologic problems
Physical therapistSeating evaluations and modifications to seating systems