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The Nature Research journals' (including Nature and the journals with "Nature" in their titles) editorial policies concerning publication of primary scientific research can be found on the pages listed below. A list of these journals and a description of the relationship between them can be found here. In August 2015, the Nature Research journals became members of the Committee on Publication Ethics. We will be guided by COPE guidelines, however the Nature Research journals will continue to make independent decisions based on our existing policies and principles.

For details on the editorial policies for the Academic Journals (or non-Nature titles), please visit their websites.

Publication ethics

 Nature Research journals' editorial policies concerning ethics of publication of primary research: authorship, duplicate publication, plagiarism, fabrication, digital image manipulation, competing financial interests, confidentiality and pre-publicity.

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Bioethics & Biosecurity

Nature Research journals' editorial policies on publishing primary research reporting experiments on living organisms; and on biosecurity and bioethics.

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Availability of data and materials

Nature Research journals' policy on availability of materials and data, and reporting requirements for life sciences research articles.

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Peer-review policy

Nature Research journals' advice for peer-reviewers, and policies relevant to the peer-review process.

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Nature Research journals' policy on authors' communication with the media and at scientific meetings.

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Nature Research journals' policy on corrections, retractions and other amendments to published material.

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License to publish

Nature Research's license to publish policy, and conditions of re-use, for authors.

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We welcome feedback and comments about our editorial policies.

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