Duplicate publication

The policy outlined on this page applies to Nature journals (those with the word "Nature" in their title). NPG publishes many other journals, each of which has separate publication policies described on its website. A current list of these journals, with links to each journal's homepage is available.

Nature Research journals' policy on duplicate publication

Material submitted to a Nature Research journal must be original and not published or submitted for publication elsewhere. This rule applies to material submitted elsewhere while the Nature Research journal contribution is under consideration.

Authors submitting a contribution to a Nature Research journal who have related material under consideration or in press elsewhere should upload a clearly marked copy at the time of submission, and draw the editors' attention to it in their cover letter. Authors must disclose any such information while their contributions are under consideration by a Nature Research journal - for example, if they submit a related manuscript elsewhere that was not written at the time of the original Nature Research journal submission.

If part of a contribution that an author wishes to submit to a Nature Research journal has appeared or will appear elsewhere, the author must specify the details in the covering letter accompanying the Nature Research submission. Consideration by the Nature Research journal is possible if the main result, conclusion, or implications are not apparent from the other work, or if there are other factors, for example if the other work is published in a language other than English.

The Nature Research journals are happy to consider submissions containing material that has previously formed part of a PhD or other academic thesis which has been published according to the requirements of the institution awarding the qualification.

The Nature Research journals support prior publication on recognized community preprint servers for review by other scientists in the field before formal submission to a journal. More information about our policies on preprints can be found here.

Nature Research journals allow publication of meeting abstracts before the full contribution is submitted. Such abstracts should be included with the Nature Research journal submission and referred to in the cover letter accompanying the manuscript.

In case of any doubt, authors should seek advice from the editor handling their contribution.

If an author of a submission is re-using a figure or figures published elsewhere, or that is copyrighted, the author must provide documentation that the previous publisher or copyright holder has given permission for the figure to be re-published. The Nature Research journal editors consider all material in good faith that their journals have full permission to publish every part of the submitted material, including illustrations.


Editorials in the Nature Research journals providing details of policies on this topic:

Clarifying journal policies on overlapping or concurrent submissions and embargo. Nature Neuroscience. Navigating issues of related submission and embargo, July 2014.

Duplicate publication dilutes science. Nature Photonics. Quality over quantity, September 2011.

On fragmenting one coherent body of research into as many publications as possible. Nature Materials. The cost of salami slicing, January 2005.

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