Custom The changing landscape of target safety assessment

Date: This event took place on November 23, 2020

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Failure due to safety reasons is the leading cause of drug candidate attrition during discovery and development. Halting the progress of a flawed treatment in the embryonic discovery phase avoids harming humans later down the line and can save organizations valuable time and tens of millions of dollars.

Target Safety Assessments (TSAs) can help organizations to identify and assess unintended adverse consequences of potential treatments, before expensive investment is made. This enables companies to mitigate against target-related toxicities, or to prioritize targets with lower safety risks across the early drug discovery portfolio.

This webcast will discuss the changing landscape of Target Safety Assessment, including how R&D teams are increasingly using Augmented Intelligence techniques to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based TSAs that improve their understanding of biological target safety and ultimately deliver safer patient outcomes.

Webcast attendees will:

  • Gain insights on global trends and challenges surrounding Target Safety Assessment
  • Learn how Augmented Intelligence techniques are transforming the TSA process
  • Hear real-life case studies from within the industry

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  • Dr. Gordon Smith Baxter, Instem

    Dr. Gordon Smith Baxter, Instem

    Gordon has held several senior discovery positions in major pharmaceutical companies. He has a track record of innovation in drug discovery and has contributed to the development of numerous marketed drugs. The architect and driving force behind Instem’s entire approach to TSAs, Gordon is an outspoken advocate for the efficient exploitation of data to generate new therapeutic insights.

  • Dr. Frances Hall, Instem

    Dr. Frances Hall, Instem

    Frances completed her PhD in Biological Sciences in 2011 at the University of East Anglia, UK. Since then, she has worked for the Instem Group in genetic toxicology solutions and, more recently, within the Target Safety Assessment team. Frances is a regular speaker at scientific conferences on the subject of best practices surrounding Target Safety Assessments.

  • Dr Jayshan Carpen, Nature Research

    Moderator: Dr Jayshan Carpen, Nature Research

    Jayshan is a Senior Publishing Manager for Nature Research Group and oversees the custom multimedia unit. Previously he ran science events at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. He received his PhD from the University of Surrey, UK in Neurogenetics. His doctoral thesis focused on identifying polymorphisms associated with diurnal preference and circadian sleep disorders.