Custom Life science: amazing professors at Meiji University in Tokyo

Date: This event took place on November 26, 2020

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Researchers at Meiji University located in Tokyo are full of ideas for overcoming a variety of challenges, but solving real-world problems is no easy matter. In this webcast, Meiji University scientists will discuss new possibilities in the life sciences.

The speakers will outline the current interface between animal biotechnology and next-generation medicine, and introduce a novel concept of xeno-regeneration-based transplantation therapy, including blastocyst complementation, an organ niche method for kidney regeneration, and xenotransplantation. A focus will be on cutting-edge application of genetically engineered and cloned pigs as a bioengineering platform, with the aim of solving unmet medical needs such as the organ shortage crisis in transplant therapy.

The webcast will proceed to introduce approaches for effective and efficient identification of valuable genes with online big data — generating and integrating high-quality omics big data and knowledge-based annotations of genes and gene products in various species by natural language processing and manual curation techniques. This approach is accelerating the utilization of plant resources for sustainable development.

You will learn about:

  • Current work of Meiji University professors in cutting-edge bioscience fields
  • Mechanisms of organ transplantation using man-made organs/tissues generated using pigs as a bioengineering platform
  • Omics and how high-quality omics data facilitates greater utilization of plant resources

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  • Prof. Hiroshi Nagashima, Meiji University

    Prof. Hiroshi Nagashima, Meiji University

    Hiroshi Nagashima is a director/professor of Meiji University International Institute for Bio-Resource Research. His current research focus includes genetic engineering of pigs as a platform for in vivo organ regeneration from human iPS cells, xenotransplantation, and models for rare genetic diseases. To facilitate application of these technologies, he co-founded PorMedTec Co. Ltd. in 2017.

  • Prof. Kentaro Yano, Meiji University

    Prof. Kentaro Yano, Meiji University

    Kentaro Yano is a professor of the Bioinformatics Laboratory at Meiji University. His laboratory has accumulated highly reliable knowledge-based information and high-quality omics big data by natural language processing and manual curation. The comprehensive analysis and database construction of such integrated information promotes identification of valuable genetic resources in plant breeding and bioindustry.

  • Sara Philips, Springer Nature

    Moderator: Sara Philips, Springer Nature

    An award-winning science journalist and editor, Sara joined Springer Nature after a stint as the national environment reporter at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She has more than 15 years’ experience in producing web and print science magazines.