Custom High-throughput biomarker profiling in immuno-oncology research and development

Date: This event took place on September 28, 2020

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How broad spectrum Luminex® profiling can inform discovery

Soluble cytokine biomarkers are the master regulators of cell-to-cell communication– the means by which one cell tells another what to do or where to go. Determining the biomarker signatures of immune cell populations reveals essential insights into cellular functions, for example, when probing new immuno-oncology targets or investigating treatment responses in patients.

This webcast will illustrate how biopharma researchers are using the multiplex Luminex® platform in a high-throughput manner to accelerate immuno-oncology discovery research from target discovery through preclinical development. A focus will be on novel soluble checkpoint panels, the integration of biomarker data with other analytics platforms, and strategies to handle large multiplex datasets from dozens of different programs.

You will learn about:

  • Benefits of using multiplexed biomarker profiling from early to late stages of an immuno-oncology discovery project
  • Generating high quality discovery data using multiplex protein detection assays
  • How biomarker data helps solidify target biology and targeting rationale

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  • Yan Nikhamin, MilliporeSigma

    Yan Nikhamin, MilliporeSigma

    Yan Nikhamin is an immunoassay specialist at MilliporeSigma, based in New York. He is trained in Cell and Molecular Biology and has worked in developing CAR-T cells. Yan has been with MilliporeSigma for 9 years helping our customers by sharing his experience.

  • Dr. Jennifer Koenitzer, Bristol Myers Squibb

    Dr. Jennifer Koenitzer, Bristol Myers Squibb

    Jenny is an immunologist by training and has been working in the Bristol Myers Squibb R&D department in Princeton, NJ since 2016. During her time at BMS she has focused on small molecule and biologics drug discovery in the immuno-oncology space; particularly in the area of T-cell checkpoint inhibitors and myeloid cell mediated immune suppression. One of her current job responsibilities is overseeing the biomarker profiling team, which provides high throughput sample testing – using Luminex® multiplex assays — among other formats – to the entire BMS research community.

  • Sarah Hiddleston, Science Journalist

    Moderator: Sarah Hiddleston, Science Journalist

    Sarah Hiddleston is freelance journalist working with Nature Research for Nature Middle East since 2015. Previously, Sarah worked for a decade in Madras (Chennai), India, specialising in health, pharmaceutical and environmental stories. Sarah holds an MA in Investigative Journalism from City University London, an MSc in Political Theory from the London School of Economics, and an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Cambridge, UK.