Custom Building better therapeutics with metabolomics

Defining a clearer path from target to drug

Date: This event took place on March 16, 2016

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Attrition in pharma/biopharma remains a persistent challenge despite the capacity of technologies to produce more data per sample than ever before. Although volume of data may ultimately provide a benefit in addressing the attrition challenge, data that is tightly and mechanistically coupled to the physiology of disease or drug response represents a “tremendous resource” for providing the most meaningful “line of sight” from the patient to the drug.

Metabolomics (the systematic measurement and interpretation of the biochemicals or “metabolites” within a cell or living system) is a technology that can produce this type of mechanistic data.

In this webcast we describe a recent trend where the use of metabolomics in biopharma R&D is shifting from the pre-clinical space to translational pharmacology and clinical development.

In addition to a brief primer on the fundamentals of metabolomics, we will detail the key reasons that are behind the shift to the clinic including the complexity of human health that the last decade of genomics research has revealed and the recent metabolomic technology advancements that have enabled the comprehensive analysis and interpretation of clinical samples.

In the second part of the presentation, we will describe examples of how investigators are using the technology to enable clinical development – from biomarkers of target engagement, efficacy, and safety through to post-marketing studies. These results highlight how metabolomics has a unique capacity to clarify, with greater confidence, a pathway for clinical development.

During the webcast you will:

  • Why metabolomics is a key technology for biopharma R&D.
  • How groups are using metabolomics in their project work.
  • Why there is an increasing trend of using metabolomics in clinical programs.
  • How you can engage the platform through a fully funded pilot study.
  • How you can be awarded a fully funded pilot project.


  • Dr. Dave C.  Morris

    Dr. Dave C. Morris

    Dave Morris, Ph.D., is a pharmaceutical scientist with over 15 years’ experience leading multi-disciplinary international line and matrix-research teams spanning target identification to clinical candidate selection. Dave also has broad therapeutic, scientific and operational experience across metabolic, dermatology and infectious disease areas with a record of successful enterprise leadership and collaborative working.

  • Dr. Kirk Beebe

    Dr. Kirk Beebe

    Dr. Beebe has been a scientist for over 2 decades with an overarching interest in translating technological and method innovations to addressing fundamental biological questions. He received his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Ohio State University where he advanced the understanding of substrate selection of mammalian signaling proteins through developing an innovative chemical biology approach.

  • Dr. Jayshan Carpen, Springer Nature

    Moderator: Dr. Jayshan Carpen, Springer Nature

    Jayshan is a Senior Publishing Manager for Springer Nature and oversees the custom multimedia unit. Previously he ran science events at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. He received his PhD from the University of Surrey, UK in Neurogenetics. His doctoral thesis focused on identifying polymorphisms associated with diurnal preference and circadian sleep disorders.