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24 June 1999

Rebuilding confidence in science and science advice

Sir Robert May
Chief scientific adviser, UK government

'The authors of the draft Declaration and Framework for Action have focussed on developing policies for science. But it is also important to give adequate attention to building science into policies'

17 June 1999

Budapest: The Way Forward

Federico Mayor
Director-General of UNESCO

10 June 1999

Science and ethical behaviour

Joseph Rotblat
Former president, Pugwash conferences on
Science and Human Affairs
Nobel peace prizewinner, 1995

3 June 1999

How the North can help the South to help itself

Josť I. Vargas
President of the Third World Academy of Sciences and
Third World Network of Scientific Organizations

27 May 1999
The limits to south-south collaboration

Calestous Juma
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

20 May 1999
Mathematics research and development

Claude Lobry
Directeur, le Centre International de Mathématiques
Pures et Appliquées

13 May 1999
Popularisation and public understanding of science and technology in developing countries

Eduardo Martinez
Regional specialist, science and technology management,
Unesco office, Montevideo, Uruguay

13 May 1999
Science and the World's future

Bruce Alberts
President, National Academy of Sciences

6 May 1999
Linking modern science to African culture

Ali Masrui
Director, Institute of Global Cultural Studies
State University of New York, Binghampton

29 April 1999
Doing Science in 'ethics time'

Margaret A. Somerville
McGill University Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law
Montreal, Quebec.

22 April 1999
Enhancing Electronic Collaboration In The South

Enrique Canessa, Fulvio Postogna and Sandro Radicella
Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics,
Trieste, Italy.

15 April 1999
Moulding intellectual property laws
to developing country needs

Kamla Persad-Bissessor
Minister of Legal Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

8 April 1999
Japan offers a steady hand on the tiller
An interview with

Koichiro Matsuura,
Japan's ambassador to Paris.

18 March 1999
The Need for Excellence

Aaron Klug
President of the Royal Society

4 March February 1999
The 'S' in UNESCO:
Today more than ever

Ismail Serageldin
Vice president of the World Bank.

25 February 1999
Science, ethics and alternative visions
An interview with

Ghazi Algosaibi,
Saudi Arabia's ambassador to London.

18 February 1999
Science for Southeast Asia:
A New Human Contract

Stephen Hill, Director and Representative,
UNESCO Jakarta Office.

11 February 1999
The opportunity and challenge of new communications technologies

Sir Roger Elliott, University of Oxford,
Chairman ICSU Press.

4 February 1999
How science can serve sustainable development

Mohamed T. El-Ashry, chief executive officer and
chairman of the Global Environment Facility.

28 January 1999
Science by everyone: Building a world-wide community research network

Madeleine Scammell and Richard Sclove
The Loka Institute, Amherst, Massachusetts.

21 January 1999
Human culture and the management of nature

Peter Bridgewater,
Chief Science Adviser, Environment Australia.

14 January 1999
North South disparities in the production and use of knowledge

Mohamed Hassan, Executive Director,
Third World Academy of Sciences.

7 January 1999
In search of a new global 'contract' for science

Federico Mayor,
Director-General, UNESCO.


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