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Main meeting

Science for the 21st Century: A New Commitment
Budapest, Hungary
26 June - 1 July 1999
Official site | Provisional agenda | Local organising committee
Draft declaration
| Draft Science Agenda

Associated Meetings

This page will be regularly updated as reports are received from the meetings listed below


Furthering Co-operation in Science and Technology for Caribbean Development
Port of Spain, Trinidad
23 - 25 September 1998
Meeting details | News Report | Final Statement

The Basic Sciences in the Service of Societies: Challenges and Opportunities for Cooperation in Central Asia
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
21 - 22 October 1998
Final statement

Regional Forum on Women, Science and Technology in Latin America: Analyses and Strategies
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

21 - 23 October 1998
Meeting details | Final statement

The Role of Science and Technology in Society and Governance
Alberta, Canada

1 - 3 November 1998
Meeting details | Draft

Priorities for Science in the 21st Century for the Asia-Pacific Region
Sydney, Australia

1 - 5 December 1998
Meeting details | Final Statement


Science in Society: A new Social Contract
National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
27 - 29 January 1999
Meeting details | Final Statement

Femmes, sciences, biotechnologies: quel avenir pour la méditerranée?
Turin, Italy
29 - 31 January 1999
Final Statement

Women, Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
Third World Organization for Women in Science
Second General Assembly and International Conference.

Cape Town, South Africa
8 - 11 February 1999
Meeting details | Final Statement

Conference on Basic Sciences for Development in Eastern and Southern Africa
Arusha, Tanzania

1 - 3 March 1999
Meeting details | Meeting statement

The Future of Physics and Society
Debrecen, Hungary

4 - 6 March 1999
Meeting details | Meeting Statement

Expert Group Meeting/Workshop on Science and Technology Policies and Strategies for the 21st Century
Beirut, Lebanon

10 - 12 March 1999
Meeting details | Draft Statement

Latin American and Caribbean Conference: Towards the World Conference on Science: an Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean
Sto Domingo, Dominican Republic

10 - 12 March 1999
Meeting details

Pontifical Academy of Sciences: Science for Survival and Sustainable Development
Rome, Italy
12 - 16 March 1999
Final Statement

A Century of Nobel Prizes: Science and Humanism - Renewing Dialogue Between Scientific and Humanist Culture
Paris, France
8 - 10 April 1999
Meeting details

Commercialization of R&D and Technology Development in Developing Countries
Dhaka, Bangladesh
19 - 21 April 1999
Meeting Statement

The Millennial Perspective of African Science, Technology and Development and its Possible Directions in the 21stCentury
Hammamet, Tunisia
24 - 27 April 1999
Meeting details | Meeting report | Final statement

World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology
Oslo, Norway
28 - 30 April 1999
Meeting details

Scientific Communication and Publishing in the Information Age
Oxford, United Kingdom
10 - 12 May 1999
Meeting details

Science and Conscience - First International Conference. Effects of Global Business on Scientific Research
Geneva, Switzerland
3 - 4 June 1999
Meeting details

International Forum of Young Scientists
Budapest, Hungary

23 - 24 June 1999
Meeting details

Teaching of Science for the society of the 21st Century
Szeged, Hungary

23 - 25 June 1999
Meeting details

2nd World Conference of Science Journalists
Budapest, Hungary
2 - 4 July 1999
Meeting details

Other Relevant Meetings

2nd Biotechnology in the Global Economy
Center for International Development, Harvard University
2-3 September 1999
Meeting details

Technology and Development in the New Millennium.
The Fifth International Conference of the Third World Science, Technology and Development Forum

University of Karachi, Pakistan, India

24 - 27 April 2000
Meeting details

Student Pugwash USA's Twentieth Anniversary International Reunion Conference
University of California, San Diego

28 June - 4 July 1999
Meeting details

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