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New reports: Thursday 1 July 1999

Conference news:
Conference approves key documents
Satisfaction for most, disappointment for some
Conference gives boost to African science
Women's group celebrate successful campaign
Declaration on Science


Closing address
Rapporteur-general describes 'essence' of statements

Reports from Thursday 1 July 1999

Conference news:
Drafting group weathers the storm
France increases support for maths centre

Conference diary:
Canadian biochemist places disabled's fate on the table.

Women a minority in national delegations

Australia's man makes his pitch

A pioneer in research capacity building
. Ehsan Masood talks to Berita Olsson, director of the Swedish Agency for Research Cooperation
A step in the right direction

Reports from Wednesday, 30 June 1999

Conference news:
National delegates put case for research funds
US remain watchful on the sidelines
Conference diary:
Concerns over material from thematics groups.
Indian minister gives a spiritual message
Youth forum wins backing from Mayor

Ethiopia wants annual science weeks

'Good science needs a solid foundation'
. Ehsan Masood talks to C N R Rao
No time for nervousness over funding

Reports from Tuesday, 29 June 1999

Conference news:
African countries pledge to use dept relief for science

Muslim states split over call for more spending on research

'Women in science' debate hots up

Recommendations on 'gender mainstreaming'

Conference diary:
Jamaica shows a way forward with nuclear science centre.

Social science report reviews a discipline

The last lap ...

Getting the message across

Reports from Monday, 28 June 1999

Conference news:
Call for greater recognition of 'indigenous knowledge'

Drafting group gets down to work

New generation seeks a permanent voice at Unesco

Conference diary:
Physicist from Africa makes the case for centres of excellence

Why industry's voice needs to be heard

Science associations to share experiences

Materials science 'needs new international research centre'

How the World Bank shed its spots

The social sciences must be heard


Reports from Sunday, 27 June 1999

Conference news:
Alleviation of poverty 'should be top research priority'

'Seal of secrecy' returns to science

Conference diary:
Male dominance on conference platform comes under fire

US science adviser calls for 'global citizen scientists'

Rotblat makes hit with call for Hippocratic oath


It takes two to tango


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