Water resources

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    Non-perennial rivers and streams are mapped globally, showing that more than half of rivers worldwide experience no flow for at least one day per year.

    • Mathis Loïc Messager
    • , Bernhard Lehner
    •  & Thibault Datry
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    Validated barrier inventories and modelling indicate that Europe’s rivers are fragmented by more than one million barriers, such as dams, weirs and fords, causing major impacts on biodiversity.

    • Barbara Belletti
    • , Carlos Garcia de Leaniz
    •  & Maciej Zalewski
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    Global food consumption drives irrigation for crops, which depletes aquifers in some regions; here we quantify the volumes of groundwater depletion associated with global food production and international trade.

    • Carole Dalin
    • , Yoshihide Wada
    •  & Michael J. Puma