Urban ecology

Urban ecology is the study of ecological processes in urban environments. This includes all aspects of the ecology of any organisms found in urban areas as well as large scale considerations of the ecological sustainability of cities.

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    As investment in urban conservation grows, researchers must balance the needs of residents and conservation targets. We discuss some of the challenges we have encountered and the importance of taking a transdisciplinary approach informed by design and social knowledge.

    • Katherine J. Turo
    •  & Mary M. Gardiner
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    Reduced human mobility during the pandemic will reveal critical aspects of our impact on animals, providing important guidance on how best to share space on this crowded planet.

    • Christian Rutz
    • , Matthias-Claudio Loretto
    • , Amanda E. Bates
    • , Sarah C. Davidson
    • , Carlos M. Duarte
    • , Walter Jetz
    • , Mark Johnson
    • , Akiko Kato
    • , Roland Kays
    • , Thomas Mueller
    • , Richard B. Primack
    • , Yan Ropert-Coudert
    • , Marlee A. Tucker
    • , Martin Wikelski
    •  & Francesca Cagnacci
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    Temperature differences between cities and the countryside have been regarded as useful surrogates for ecological responses to climate warming. However, research reveals mismatch between the phenological responses to spatial and temporal temperature gradients as well as complex interactions between urbanization and climate.

    • Constantin M. Zohner
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    Bee keeping is on the rise in cities. Beehive products can be used to trace the source and transport of metal contaminants by studying one of our favourite food stuffs — honey.

    • Mark Patrick Taylor