Urban ecology


Urban ecology is the study of ecological processes in urban environments. This includes all aspects of the ecology of any organisms found in urban areas as well as large scale considerations of the ecological sustainability of cities.

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    Cities need green spaces to maintain the well-being of their citizens. But is the realization of their value making them more private luxury than public commons?

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    Similarities in planning, development and culture within urban areas may lead to the convergence of ecological processes on continental scales. Transdisciplinary, multi-scale research is now needed to understand and predict the impact of human-dominated landscapes on ecosystem structure and function.

    • Peter M. Groffman
    • , Meghan Avolio
    • , Jeannine Cavender-Bares
    • , Neil D. Bettez
    • , J. Morgan Grove
    • , Sharon J. Hall
    • , Sarah E. Hobbie
    • , Kelli L. Larson
    • , Susannah B. Lerman
    • , Dexter H. Locke
    • , James B. Heffernan
    • , Jennifer L. Morse
    • , Christopher Neill
    • , Kristen C. Nelson
    • , Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne
    • , Diane E. Pataki
    • , Colin Polsky
    • , Rinku Roy Chowdhury
    •  & Tara L. E. Trammell
  • Editorial |

    Biologists have long been captivated by bats, whose unique adaptations are wonders of evolution. We examine some of the many reasons why they are so important to ecologists and evolutionary biologists.