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Tumour immunology describes the interaction between cells of the immune system with tumour cells. Understanding these interactions is important for the development of new therapies for cancer treatment.


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    Therapeutic products containing CD8+ and CD4+ T cells expressing CARs are effective at inducing remission in patients with cancer. How CD4+ CAR T cells contribute to the anti-tumor response has not been well established. A study uses syngeneic models and in vivo imaging to glean mechanistic insights into how CD4+ T cells target tumors.

    • M. Eric Kohler
    •  & Terry J. Fry
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    Antigen presentation is fundamental to anti-tumor immunity, but our understanding of the physiological and molecular inputs to the process in different contexts remains limited. Two new studies explore the contribution of cell-intrinsic proteolytic mechanisms and cell-extrinsic hot and cold tumor microenvironments in shaping the antigenic landscape in lung cancer.

    • Paul A. Stewart
    •  & Alex M. Jaeger
    Nature Cancer 4, 586-587
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    | Open Access

    Early detection of immunotherapy-induced tumor response is of major benefit for patients but can be complicated by therapy-induced pseudoprogression. A consensus guideline-iRECIST- was developed as a modification of Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumours (RECIST version 1.1). Here we describe which next steps are required to test its validity and how novel approaches for response criteria might be developed and included.

    • Elena Garralda
    • , Scott A. Laurie
    •  & Elisabeth G. E. de Vries