Transcriptional regulatory elements

Transcriptional regulatory elements are nucleotide sequences of a gene that are involved in regulation of genetic transcription. These include the promoter, plus response elements, activator and enhancer sequences for binding of transcription factors to aid RNA polymerase binding and promote expression, and operator or silencer sequences to which repressor proteins bind to block RNA polymerase attachment and prevent expression.

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  • Research Highlights |

    A study in Science suggests that regeneration-responsive enhancers drive a regeneration response programme (RRP) in killifish and zebrafish and that changes in RRPs might have facilitated the loss of regenerative capacity in vertebrates.

    • Katharine H. Wrighton
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    Two studies in Molecular Cell report fine-scale structural profiles of mammalian genomes using Micro-C, indicating that fine chromosomal structure is regulated by diverse transcription-related features.

    • Darren J. Burgess
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    A new study in Science has mapped regulatory elements for major cell types of the human brain to help elucidate the transcriptional mechanisms underlying their developmental and functional properties in health and disease.

    • Linda Koch