Topological matter

Topological matter refers to systems in which topology is required for their characterisation. This includes materials with topological defects such as skyrmions, or topologically-protected edge modes, such as topological insulators and symmetry-protected topological phases such as topological crystalline insulators and Dirac/Weyl semimetals.

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    Novel non-equilibrium phases of matter have recently become the focus of intense interest. The realization of topological phases which cannot exist under the constraints of thermodynamic equilibrium is a key aim.

    • Mark S. Rudner
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    In condensed matter systems, the atoms, electrons or spins can sometimes arrange themselves in ways that result in unexpected properties but that cannot be detected by conventional experimental probes. Several historical and contemporary examples of such hidden orders are known and more are awaiting discovery, perhaps in the form of more complex composite, entangled or dynamical hidden orders.

    • Gabriel Aeppli
    • , Alexander V. Balatsky
    • , Henrik M. R√łnnow
    •  & Nicola A. Spaldin
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    Spin ice is known as the magnetic analogue of ordinary ice, where the behaviour of its spins closely mirrors that of protons in water ice. It now has a sibling based on higher-order magnetic octupoles.

    • Dmytro S. Inosov
    Nature Physics 16, 507-508