Topological insulators

Topological insulators are materials that are insulating in their interior but can support the flow of electrons on their surface. The underlying cause is time-reversal symmetry: their physics is independent of whether time is flowing backward or forward. These surface states are robust, maintained even in the presence of surface defects.

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    Higher-order topological acoustic metamaterials on kagome lattices, which host topologically protected corner states, can confine sound at corners. This may lead to applications of acoustic metamaterials in local acoustic field enhancement, trapping and manipulating of particles, and acoustic sensing and probing.

    • Zhengyou Liu
    Nature Materials 18, 98-99
  • News and Views |

    A nanofabricated twisted topological waveguide on silicon platform enables robust guiding of light at telecommunication wavelength.

    • Sabyasachi Barik
    •  & Mohammad Hafezi
  • News and Views |

    Magnetization in magnetoresistive memory devices can be controlled at room temperature by spin–orbit torques originating from the surface states of topological insulators.

    • Chi-Feng Pai
    Nature Materials 17, 755-757
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    Recent experiments demonstrate that effects arising from quantum geometrical phases and band structure topology can coexist in two-dimensional materials, and can be addressed via optoelectronic experiments.

    • Alexander W. Holleitner
    •  & Paul B. Seifert
    Nature Physics 14, 879-880