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    Thyroid hormones regulate systemic glucose metabolism through incompletely understood mechanisms. Here the authors report that hepatic thyroid hormone receptor β mediates the effects of the thyroid hormone T3 on systemic glucose homeostasis by modulating GLP-1 levels through suppression of hepatic CYP8B1 expression and bile acid mediated inhibition of intestinal FXR signalling.

    • Ying Yan
    • , Zhoumin Niu
    •  & Hao Ying
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    Whether thyroid hormones affect gene expression via DNA methylation is not well known. Here the authors show that type 2 deiodinase (D2) converts T4 to produce T3, which prevents DNA methylation of discrete areas in the neonatal liver. In the absence of D2, DNA methylation occurs and is associated with reduced chromatin accessibility in promoters and enhancers and affects gene expression.

    • Tatiana L. Fonseca
    • , Tzintzuni Garcia
    •  & Antonio C. Bianco
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    Thyroid dysfunction is a common public health problem and associated with cardiovascular co-morbidities. Here, the authors carry out genome-wide meta-analysis for thyroid hormone (TH) levels, hyper- and hypothyroidism and identify SLC17A4 as a TH transporter and AADAT as a TH metabolizing enzyme.

    • Alexander Teumer
    • , Layal Chaker
    •  & Marco Medici