Taxonomy is the classification and description of living organisms. It includes the naming and defining of species, and the collation of data about their biology and biogeography.

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    The past two decades have seen a revolution in digital imaging techniques for capturing gross morphology, offering an unprecedented volume of data for biological research. Despite the rapid increase in scientific publications incorporating those images, the underlying datasets remain largely inaccessible. As the technical barriers to data sharing continue to fall, we face a more intimate, and perhaps more complicated, obstacle to open data – the one in our minds.

    • Christy A. Hipsley
    •  & Emma Sherratt
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    A major new report highlighting the importance of fungi to humans and natural ecosystems makes it clear that a coordinated global conservation strategy is urgently needed to ensure that their benefits may continue to be reaped.

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    Botany underpins the modern world, not only agriculture but medicine, material science, chemistry and much more. Yet it has been belittled to the point where even the name botany is out of favour; too outdated for a modern science. Thankfully botanical researchers continue to look forward, not back.

    Nature Plants 1, 15086