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Systems biology is the study of biological systems whose behaviour cannot be reduced to the linear sum of their parts’ functions. Systems biology does not necessarily involve large numbers of components or vast datasets, as in genomics or connectomics, but often requires quantitative modelling methods borrowed from physics.


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    There is tremendous interest in the development of drugs that target senescent cells (‘senolytic’ drugs) to treat a range of age-related morbidities. However, studies in mice that demonstrate impaired tissue repair following clearance of senescent cells raise questions about the potential risks of senolytic therapies. Closer examination of the available studies reveals the hopeful possibility of a ‘therapeutic window’ in which these risks can be minimized.

    • Sundeep Khosla
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    A visionary and interdisciplinary scientist who brought a fearless passion to everything she did, inspiring all those around her.

    • Simon van Vliet
    •  & Martin Ackermann
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    Analysis of cell–cell communication between embryonic stem cells using a combination of experiments and modeling shows that cells can communicate important messages over much larger distances than previously known, exhibiting quorum-sensing-like behavior.

    • Adam L. MacLean