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Synthesis of graphene refers to any process for fabricating graphene, depending on the desired size, purity and crystallinity of the final product. Common graphene synthesis approaches include mechanical exfoliation from graphite, chemical vapour deposition, and reduction of graphene oxide through heating.

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    | Open Access

    More than a decade after the first demonstration of large-scale graphene synthesis by chemical vapor deposition, the commercialization of graphene products is limited not only by price, but also by consistency, reproducibility, and predictability. Here, the author discusses the reproducibility issues in the field and proposes possible solutions to improve the reliability of published results.

    • Peter Bøggild
  • News & Views |

    Twisted bilayer graphene is epitaxially grown between two adjacent Cu(111) surfaces, with the twist angle controlled by the rotation of the Cu foils as designed.

    • Seong-Jun Yang
    •  & Cheol-Joo Kim
    Nature Materials 21, 1215-1216
  • Comments & Opinion
    | Open Access

    The industrial application of two-dimensional (2D) materials strongly depends on the large-scale manufacturing of high-quality 2D films and powders. Here, the authors analyze three state-of-the art mass production techniques, discussing the recent progress and remaining challenges for future improvements.

    • Soo Ho Choi
    • , Seok Joon Yun
    •  & Young Hee Lee
  • News & Views |

    Recent findings on the skeletal rearrangement of polycyclic aromatics under oxidative and acidic conditions are envisioned to help development of these Scholl reactions into a more useful and versatile method for synthesizing polycyclic aromatics on the basis of rational design rather than luck.

    • Qian Miao
  • Comments & Opinion |

    The past few years have witnessed significant development in graphene research, yet a number of challenges remain for its commercialization and industrialization. This Comment discusses relevant issues for industrial-scale graphene synthesis, one of the critical aspects for the future graphene industry.

    • Li Lin
    • , Hailin Peng
    •  & Zhongfan Liu
    Nature Materials 18, 520-524