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    Controlling the hybridization of single atoms in suitable host materials opens unique opportunities for catalyst design, but equally faces many challenges. Here, we highlight emerging directions from the last, highly productive, decade in single-atom catalysis and identify frontiers for future research.

    • Sharon Mitchell
    •  & Javier Pérez-Ramírez
  • News and Views |

    A series of mesoscale supramolecular hexagonal grids have been constructed in solution through stepwise intra- then intermolecular coordination-driven self-assembly, and characterized with atomic resolution by scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy.

    • Ruoning Li
    •  & Yongfeng Wang
    Nature Chemistry 12, 431-432
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    The path from ordered assemblies of quantum dots to epitaxially connected quantum dot solids is revealed with X-ray scattering and electron microscopy investigations.

    • Tobias Hanrath
  • News and Views |

    Reducing the thickness of an amorphous conductive indium tin oxide layer down to a few nanometres has enabled the realization of 40-nm-long channel transistors with remarkable operating characteristics.

    • Thomas D. Anthopoulos
    Nature Materials 18, 1033-1034
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    Precipitation processes enable the fast preparation of a variety of inorganic materials, although typically with little control over their morphology. Now, their one-, two- or three-dimensional growth has been promoted simply by tuning the electrolytic dissociation of the reactants and the supersaturation of the solution.

    • Mihui Park
    • , Gi-Hyeok Lee
    •  & Yong-Mook Kang
    Nature Chemistry 11, 685-686