Sustainability is essentially the ability to endure, for example by exploiting resources in a way that does not deplete their future availability or unduly damage the wider environment. This concept has been incorporated in the idea of sustainable development.

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    Scholars contributing to the Intergovernmental Science–Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) have a lot of in-depth insights to share. Here’s what we recommend to those who are willing to do it.

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    Ming Hung Wong of the Southern University of Science and Technology, China, leads an international team investigating e-waste recycling impacts, and chaired the Waste Management Sub-Committee in the Hong Kong Advisory Council on the Environment.

    • Aiora Zabala
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    Madagascar’s recently elected president ran on a platform of improving the economy and raising people out of poverty. We suggest that addressing the precipitous decline of biodiversity will help to deliver this commitment, and we lay out ways in which President Rajoelina could firmly put the country on a trajectory towards sustainable growth.

    • Julia P. G. Jones
    • , Jonah Ratsimbazafy
    • , Anitry N. Ratsifandrihamanana
    • , James E. M. Watson
    • , Herizo T. Andrianandrasana
    • , Mar Cabeza
    • , Joshua E. Cinner
    • , Steven M. Goodman
    • , Frank Hawkins
    • , Russell A. Mittermeier
    • , Ando L. Rabearisoa
    • , O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo
    • , Julie H. Razafimanahaka
    • , Andriamandimbisoa R. Razafimpahanana
    • , Lucienne Wilmé
    •  & Patricia C. Wright