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    Physicists are searching for superconducting materials that can host Majoranas. New evidence for these elusive particles is provided by missing Shapiro steps in a Josephson effect mediated by an accidental Dirac semimetal.

    • Fan Zhang
    •  & Wei Pan
    Nature Materials 17, 851-852
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    The metallic state of an iron chalcogenide superconductor is demonstrated to be characterized by the simultaneous presence of itinerant carriers with different degrees of correlation. This orbital-selective metal arises from a sizeable Hund’s coupling.

    • Massimo Capone
    Nature Materials 17, 855-856
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    Charge order has been established as a ubiquitous instability of the underdoped copper-oxide superconductors. New investigations reveal that it extends to the overdoped side of the phase diagram, a region otherwise known to host a conventional Fermi liquid state.

    • Jonathan Pelliciari
    •  & Riccardo Comin
    Nature Materials 17, 661-662
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    Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of MoS2 doped with Rb atoms unveiled the existence of polarons, whose presence seems to coincide with the onset of superconductivity.

    • Kai Rossnagel
    Nature Materials 17, 658-660