Structure of solids and liquids

Structure of solids and liquids is the study of the physical properties of matter in which there is a non-negligible interaction between the constituent atoms or molecules. While the atoms or molecules in a liquid are free to move around, those in solids are limited to vibrating about a fixed point.

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    Two independent studies describe the discovery of structurally pure cubic ice Ic made from either ice XVII or a high-pressure hydrogen hydrate.

    • Christoph G. Salzmann
    •  & Benjamin J. Murray
    Nature Materials 19, 586-587
  • News and Views |

    Artificial neural networks now allow the dynamics of supercooled liquids to be predicted from their structure alone in an unprecedented way, thus providing a powerful new tool to study the physics of the glass transition.

    • Giulio Biroli
    Nature Physics 16, 373-374
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    Ultrafast electron diffraction and ultrafast scanning transmission electron microscopy with nanoscale spatial resolution were demonstrated using unique high-brightness high-repetition rate electron scattering source.

    • Anastasiia Novikova
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    A crystal structure with one-dimensional order is identified in oxide ceramics, which is distinguished from the well-known categories of solid structures and potentially provides unexpected properties.

    • Eric A. Stach