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    An examination of metal–organic frameworks at high pressure in a water medium reveals an increased water uptake as the pressure increases.

    • Alexander Rosu-Finsen
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    Understanding, at the atomic level, the effect of the stacking and twisting of different layered two-dimensional materials is a major challenge for the future of twistronics. Optical excitations evidence twist-angle-dependent whirlpool-shaped distortions in such materials.

    • Ado Jorio
    Nature Materials 21, 844-845
  • News & Views |

    Dynamic recrystallization helps to refine grain structures in metals and tune their properties. Confining recrystallization within prior nanoscale twinning provides a path for reaching exceptional grain refinement.

    • Roland E. Logé
    Nature Materials 21, 738-739
  • News & Views |

    A cost-effective, high-throughput fibre-based food packaging approach using non-toxic, biodegradable biopolymer materials offers a strategy to considerably increase food safety and security while minimizing food waste.

    • Yi Wang
    • , Jaya Borgatta
    •  & Jason C. White
    Nature Food 3, 402-403
  • News & Views |

    Outstanding resistance to destructive radiation damage in structural alloys is realized by ultra-high-density reversible nanoprecipitate inclusions, and the improvement is attributed to the reordering process of low-misfit superlattices in highly supersaturated matrices.

    • Yanwen Zhang