Structural materials

Structural materials are materials used or studied primarily for their mechanical properties, as opposed to their electronic, magnetic, chemical or optical characteristics. This can include a materials response to an applied force, whether this response is elastic or plastic, its hardness, and its strength.


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    Artificial magnetic fields have been constructed in 2D and 3D acoustic structures to manipulate sound, in much the same way as Dirac and Weyl fermions respond to magnetic fields in their quantum levels.

    • Baile Zhang
  • Research Highlights |

    Metal–organic frameworks with certain compositions can exist as glasses. Processable materials featuring intrinsic porosity are rare and are expected to be invaluable in chemical separations.

    • Andrew Bissette
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    A crystal structure with one-dimensional order is identified in oxide ceramics, which is distinguished from the well-known categories of solid structures and potentially provides unexpected properties.

    • Eric A. Stach
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    An elastomer sheet with programmed inner channel architecture swiftly shapes into a desired three-dimensional geometry upon the application of pressure.

    • Efi Efrati