Strigolactones are a class of plant hormones that stimulate branching in plants and the growth of symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the soil. They also impede shoot branching and trigger the germination of parasitic plant seeds.

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    The levels of plant hormones are broadly determined by their relative rates of biosynthesis and degradation, but a degradation pathway for strigolactones has been missing. Now an enzyme has been discovered that can break down strigolactones and thereby influence plant development.

    • Jazmine L. Humphreys
    •  & Steven M. Smith
    Nature Plants 7, 1443-1444
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    Seed germination is tightly regulated so that it only occurs in optimal environmental conditions; for root parasitic plants, this is the presence of a potential host plant revealed by strigolactone exudates. New research shows that, unexpectedly, this response to strigolactone bypasses the core gibberellin-dependent pathway for germination.

    • Darren C. Machin
    •  & Tom Bennett
    Nature Plants 6, 602-603