Stem-cell niche

A stem-cell niche is an area of a tissue that provides a specific microenvironment, in which stem cells are present in an undifferentiated and self-renewable state. Cells of the stem-cell niche interact with the stem cells to maintain them or promote their differentiation.

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    Contraction of the hair follicle-lining dermal sheath smooth muscle generates the forces necessary for the tissue remodelling that takes place during the regression phase of the hair growth cycle. This study reveals that endothelin signalling — from epithelial progenitors at the follicle bottleneck region to its neighbouring dermal sheath — is the main contraction-activating pathway.

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    Your name is on the door to your new lab. Life is getting exciting and turbulent.

    • Vivien Marx
    Nature Methods 19, 1014
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    The microenvironment can regulate adult stem cell function during tissue homeostasis and regeneration, but whether and how this is altered in aging is unclear. Ichijo et al. find that increased dermal stiffness, as a result of vasculature atrophy, activates cation channel PIEZO1, leading to interfollicular epidermal stem cell dysregulation.

    • Chae Ho Lim
    •  & Mayumi Ito
    Nature Aging 2, 568-569
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    Elucidation of the mechanisms that drive tumor resistance to anti-angiogenic therapies is expected to improve treatment options. This report shows that endothelial apelin signaling promotes the migration of distant venous endothelial cells toward the tumor progenitor cell niche to support vessel expansion and sustain a normoxic microenvironment, and that it does so independently of vascular endothelial growth factor A.

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    A new study shows that cardiovascular diseases remodel the bone marrow vasculature, inducing endothelial dysfunction, vascular leakage, fibrosis and angiogenesis and ultimately leading to overproduction of the inflammatory leukocytes implicated in these conditions.

    • Irene Fernández-Ruiz