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    The impacts of technological development on social sphere lack strong empirical foundation. Here the authors presented quantitative analysis of the phenomenon of social acceleration across a range of digital datasets and found that interest appears in bursts that dissipate on decreasing timescales and occur with increasing frequency.

    • Philipp Lorenz-Spreen
    • , Bjarke Mørch Mønsted
    • , Philipp Hövel
    •  & Sune Lehmann
  • Research | | open

    Social groups form collective memories, but the temporal dynamics of this process are unclear. Here, the authors show that when early conversations involve individuals that bridge across clusters of a social network, the network reaches higher mnemonic convergence compared to when early conversations occur within clusters.

    • Ida Momennejad
    • , Ajua Duker
    •  & Alin Coman
  • Research |

    Analysing the results from four major sports leagues and a multiplayer online game reveals that prior shared success as a team significantly improves the odds of winning beyond what is explained by the skill of individual players.

    • Satyam Mukherjee
    • , Yun Huang
    • , Julia Neidhardt
    • , Brian Uzzi
    •  & Noshir Contractor
  • Research | | open

    Online misinformation is a threat to a well-informed electorate and undermines democracy. Here, the authors analyse the spread of articles on Twitter, find that bots play a major role in the spread of low-credibility content and suggest control measures for limiting the spread of misinformation.

    • Chengcheng Shao
    • , Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia
    • , Onur Varol
    • , Kai-Cheng Yang
    • , Alessandro Flammini
    •  & Filippo Menczer

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