Sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism consists of phenotypic distinctions between one sex and another. These distinctions can include physiological and behavioural differences.

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    Sex as a biological variable influences almost all aspects of health and disease, yet many research studies use only males or do not consider sex differences. We describe why sex-specific reporting is needed, including in basic and animal research, and we outline recommendations for sex-specific reporting in manuscript abstracts, Methods and Results sections, tables and figures.

    • Stacey J. Winham
    •  & Michelle M. Mielke
    Nature Metabolism 3, 1586-1588
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    In flies, neurons that are common to both sexes regulate aggressive approach, whereas other, sex-specific neurons control attack behaviours.

    • Natasha Bray
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    The sexually dimorphic responses of male and female mice to their young are regulated by the activity of a specific population of neurons in the medial amygdala.

    • Katherine Whalley