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    Nature asked nine leading Europeans to pick their top priority for science at this pivotal point. Love, money, and trust got most votes.

    • Carlos Moedas
    • , Isabelle Vernos
    • , Stephan Kuster
    • , Helga Nowotny
    • , Andrea Saltelli
    • , Alina Mungiu-Pippidi
    • , Jan Wouter Vasbinder
    • , Daniel R. Brooks
    •  & Patrick Cunningham
    Nature 569, 481-484
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    Dr. Kate Miroshnikova is a bioengineer by training and is currently a postdoctoral EMBO/HFSP fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing and at the Helsinki Institute of Life Science. She is interested in understanding biomechanical regulation of stem cell fate decisions in health and disease. Kate’s long term scientific interest is to understand how cells and tissues sense, integrate, and adapt their transcriptomes and proteomes to the highly dynamic mechanical environments without compromising structural and genomic integrity.

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    It’s tempting to try to attend sessions morning, noon and night, network like crazy during every ‘spare’ minute and drink vats of coffee to stay alert. Paris H. Grey has more realistic suggestions to get maximum value from any conference.

    • Paris H. Grey