• Letter |

    The crystal structure of the complex formed by the B and C toxin complex proteins is reported, revealing how toxin complexes are processed and protected; the proteins assemble to form a large hollow structure that sequesters the cytotoxic portion of the C protein, and a β-propeller domain mediates attachment to the A protein in the native ABC complex.

    • Jason N. Busby
    • , Santosh Panjikar
    •  & J. Shaun Lott
  • Article |

    Small-angle scattering of X-rays or neutrons is more readily applied to macromolecular complexes than is X-ray crystallography, and is particularly useful for protein complexes with high flexibility; here new quantitative metrics are presented that will allow solution-derived structures to be validated and assessed for mass, resolution and accuracy.

    • Robert P. Rambo
    •  & John A. Tainer