RNA metabolism

RNA metabolism refers to any events in the life cycle of ribonucleic acid (RNA) molecules, including their synthesis, folding/unfolding, modification, processing and degradation.

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    RNA modifications are emerging regulators of development and disease. A metabolic labeling approach using 5-fluorocytidine (5-FCyd) allows the mechanism-based profiling of several RNA-modifying enzymes and potentially links their activity to novel RNA targets.

    • Supuni Thalalla Gamage
    •  & Jordan L. Meier
    Nature Chemical Biology 17, 1121-1122
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    Of the few known catalytic RNAs in biology, all but the ribosome involve reactions with phosphodiester bonds. Now, a ribozyme that catalyses a completely different reaction was discovered in all three domains of life.

    • Ulrich F. Müller
    Nature Catalysis 4, 812-813
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    Pseudouridine is the most abundant RNA modification, but its biological role remains poorly understood. A study now finds dysregulated pseudouridine synthase PUS7 in glioblastoma and demonstrates that pharmacological inhibition of PUS7 leads to reduced tumorigenesis, which underpins the therapeutic potential of targeting epitranscriptomic regulators in cancer.

    • Virginia Morón-Calvente
    •  & Sandra Blanco
    Nature Cancer 2, 876-878